Binance Sentry Declassified Scam …


Indian Bitcoin Scammer – Binance Crypto Scam Exposed!

Binance Sentry Declassified Scam ...

Binance Sentry Declassified Cryptocurrency Scams

  • Scammers create criminal holdings to defraud victims

  • Criminals invite victims to invest in cryptocurrencies

  • Top 5 tips to protect yourself from scammers

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One of the divisions of the security service of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance conducted its own investigation and identified the most popular fraudulent schemesCryptocurrencies are a new financial instrument that opens up their own prospects for each market participant. Some consider digital assets as a source … More in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Binance Sentry Declassified Scam ...

Criminals set up huge holdings to defraud victims


Binance Sentry has examined the most common shady cryptocurrency theft schemes. The most widespread and trouble-free working system is investing in projects. Criminals create fictitious companies that promise naive investors huge percentages of their investments in cryptocurrencies, Forex trading, or binary options trading. At the same time, nothing is needed from the investors themselves, except for the constant investment of money. The rest of the work is done by shell brokers and specially trained scammers.

To lull the vigilance of victims, criminals create entire holdings, which include crypto exchangers, marketing agencies promoting fraudulent services on the market, recruiting teams, and law firms. That is, cybercriminals create a kind of ideal screen behind which crimes are committed..

“Some go so far as to use shell companies to get more money out of their victims if they become suspicious. Fictitious regulators or government-related institutions (for example, company registries) are sometimes used to legitimize various schemes, and to reassure and / or intimidate ignorant investors, ”Binance said in a statement..

To minimize the risk of exposure, scammers form multinational companies. Often, the victims of criminals are located in different countries and even on different continents. This was done so that the victims did not know about each other and could not cooperate and find out the scammers. Moreover, it complicates the work of law enforcement agencies. After all, not knowing about similar crimes in other countries, it is impossible to quickly figure out the main organizer of a criminal group.

How to protect yourself from Internet scammers


Binance Sentry Declassified Scam ...

Binance Sentry continues to investigate the most common criminal schemes. But already now, the organization’s employees are giving several tips for those who invest or are just going to start investing in cryptocurrencies:

  1. Do not trust offers from the Internet that promise sky-high profits with minimal investment. Catchy and attractive advertising is the main trump card of scammers;
  2. Before investing in a project, be sure to adhere to the rule DYOR (do your own research, i.e. do your own research). Look for information on the Internet, read reviews, talk to clients of the organization, ask for documents and only then make a decision on investment;
  3. Study the official statements of law enforcement officers and view police reports. Sometimes they already contain information about a fraudulent grouping;
  4. Stay vigilant even if scammers claim to be associated with such large exchanges as Binance and others;
  5. Refuse investments or carefully check companies offering earnings on cryptocurrency if you have never invested in these assets before.


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