Bitcoin.com fires 50% of workers ahead of halving


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Bitcoin.com fires 50% of workers ahead of halving

Bitcoin.com fires 50% of workers ahead of halving

  • Cryptocurrency community BCH is again experiencing a portion of negative news ahead of halving

  • Bitcoin.com itself has not yet commented on the massive layoff

  • Meanwhile, only a few hours remain before halving.

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The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) crypto community has found itself in a difficult position given the fact that Bitcoin halving halving is cutting the number of new coins miners create and earn by half. This happens approximately every four years and … More cryptocurrencies will happen in the next hours.

There are only a few hours left before the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) halving, and amid uncertainty about the outcome of such an event, more and more conflicting news appears..

The first to report the find was a Twitter user with the nickname WhalePanda.

Bitcoin.com fires 50% of workers ahead of halving

Citing analytics service Candor, which monitors companies’ functionality amid coronavirus infection, user WhalePanda found cryptocurrency news site Bitcoin.com plans to lay off half of its staff.

Tough times for CEO of $ BCH, @rogerkver.
CEO of Bitcoincom left, they’re going for a "leaner" approach but according to a report on https://t.co/Sh1m9AaQIB they’ve fired 50% of the staff.
Lets hope that he is forced to sell the bitcoin domain that he’s using to scam people soon. pic.twitter.com/CLK0HdRz5l

– WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) April 3, 2020

The news resource Bitcoin.com, founded by one of the first supporters of bitcoin Roger Ver, also focuses on promoting the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem, the main ideologist of which is Ver.

Bitcoin.com itself has not yet commented on the information about the large layoff of employees.

Bullying the market

The downsizing comes just before the Bitcoin Cash halving, which is scheduled for April 8th. As a result, the reward for mining BCH will be halved at once from 12.5 BCH to 6.25.

At the same time, the BCH community has only recently grown stronger after the scandalous initiative of the CEO of the largest mining pool BTC.TOP Jiang Zhuer on taxation of cryptocurrency miners in order to support the development of the BCH ecosystem.

Then it was reported that taxable funds would go to a centralized fund, and the methods for dividing the funds raised remained unclear until the end..

Sticks in wheels

Bitcoin.com fires 50% of workers ahead of halving

In addition to this, well-known self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright stated that such cryptocurrency projects as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash owe him a huge amount of money..

According to Wright, both cryptocurrency ecosystems are “not forks, but the results of a violation of contractual rights over the database.”.

Wright classifies their existence as “theft”, estimated at more than $ 100 billion.

An almost similar skepticism is now held by former bitcoin supporter John McAfee. If for a couple of months McAfee, about to run for the presidency of the United States, accepted donations in bitcoin and considered cryptocurrencies the most promising means of payment, now he declares that bitcoin is worthless.


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