Bitcoin geography: who invests in cryptocurrencies


How to Invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (2021 updated)

Bitcoin geography: who invests in cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin geography: who invests in cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin became the most popular in Russia

  • Japan turns out to be outsiders in the cryptocurrency market

  • Countries are ready to accept Bitcoin

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Russia has become the world’s leader in storing bitcoins, overtaking China, the United States and Venezuela in this indicator. Despite the fact that Russia still has not adopted a law on the regulation of digital means of payment, which include cryptocurrencies, this does not prevent citizens and residents from replenishing their bitcoin reserves.

How many bitcoins are in Russia


Bitcoin geography: who invests in cryptocurrencies

According to Coin.Dance research, in April 2020, 3847 bitcoins were stored in Russia, which in dollar terms exceeds 34.5 million, which is 22% of all local bitcoins in the world. Russia is followed by Venezuela, which holds 2358 BTC or $ 21.2 million, or 13% of all local bitcoins.

The top 5 also includes the United States – 1990 BTC or 11% of local bitcoins, Colombia – 1489 BTC (8%), England – 1126 (6%).

China, which is known in the world for its love of modern technologies and digital money, was only in 7th place with 733 BTC, which is 4% of all local bitcoins. The Celestial Empire gave way in the ranking to Nigeria, which today owns 6% of all local bitcoins, which is 1,082 BTC.

The outsiders in the ranking were Argentina, Kenya, Ukraine, Australia and Sweden. Residents of these countries each own 1% of all local bitcoins.

Least of all bitcoins are noted in Japan. The country has strict tax legislation, and the circulation of cryptocurrency is prohibited. Therefore, the Japanese became the owners of only 9 military-technical cooperation. There are slightly more bitcoin holders in Poland – 15 BTC, Kazakhstan – 23 BTC, South Korea – 26 BTC and Malaysia – 85 BTC.

In general, in April, the number of local bitcoins increased by 167 in comparison with March and amounted to 17,825 BTC.


Coin.Dance research shows in which countries the use of cryptocurrencies is legal or not punishable by law. According to the presented data, in 128 countries and regions out of 257 existing ones, the use of cryptocurrencies is not prohibited by law or legalized at the state level.

Bitcoin geography: who invests in cryptocurrencies

The illegal and punishable use of cryptocurrency remains in countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Pakistan, Macedonia and several other countries..

In Russia, the use of bitcoin is not yet punishable. In addition, many political and public figures advocate the early legalization of cryptocurrencies. According to Coin.Dance, bitcoin supporters in Russia are Alexei Navalny, Boris Titov, German Gref and others..

However, the Central Bank of Russia does not share user optimism about Bitcoin. According to the chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina, cryptocurrency will not be legalized in Russia in the near future, and the ruble will remain the only means of payment.


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