Bitcoin ignored market crash amid new lockdown


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Bitcoin ignored market crash amid new lockdown

Bitcoin ignored market crash amid new lockdown

  • Bitcoin watches UK markets fall due to new restrictive measures

  • Despite the deterioration of the situation, financial support from the UK will be less this time

  • European markets have already started to sink due to negative news

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Leading cryptocurrency almost did not react to the news about the next lockdown in the UK

The UK government has announced new measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection, writes CNBC. Mass gatherings, both indoors and outdoors, have been banned in Liverpool from Saturday 17 October.

Lockdown includes gyms, entertainment centers, bookmakers and casinos. The prohibitions are expected to extend to other parts of northern England as well, including Manchester..

Bitcoin ignored market crash amid new lockdown

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Starting October 17, London is also moving to the 2nd, “high” level of risk, prohibiting citizens from gathering in groups inside any public and home premises of more than six people.


The restrictions are due to the outbreak of coronavirus infection. At the beginning of October, a new record for the incidence was set, when in just one day, October 4, the number of cases reached almost 23 thousand.

Labor leader Kir Starmer has already called for nationwide isolation, as financial support in the UK will be several times less this time despite the increase in the incidence.

Waiting for a collapse

During the first coronavirus wave, Bitcoin dropped significantly (by almost 50%) following the collapse of global financial markets. However, then the collapse was associated in large part due to unexpected international isolation..


So far, the cryptocurrency market has barely reacted to the worsening coronavirus pandemic. Bitcoin sank only 0.34%, while Bitcoin Cash is still in positive territory. However, the same cannot be said for the traditional market..

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Bitcoin ignored market crash amid new lockdown


On Thursday, October 15th, Britain’s leading FTSE 100 Index plunged 2.39% on news of a new lockdown. Following the FTSE, other European stock markets fell.

Analysts at the German financial conglomerate Deutsche Bank have already called for preparations for a worsening situation in the European market, as Italy is also heading towards a repeat of the March scenario.

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