Bitcoin scammers use fake …


‘Fake Bitcoin’ – How this Woman Scammed the World, then Vanished

Bitcoin scammers use fake ...

Bitcoin scammers use fake QR codes to steal money

  • Scammers can steal bitcoins via QR code

  • The victims of the scammers have already lost their $ 45,000 coins

  • The expert has declassified the list of sites used by scammers

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It looks like Internet scammers have found a new way to steal bitcoins. This time, hackers created several free QR code generators at once, which stole $ 45,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

The criminals created nine sites at once, which offered users to generate a QR code for free to send funds. As you know, today this technology has gained popularity in society. Now users do not need to enter the full address of the bitcoin wallet to transfer coins. It is enough to read the encrypted QR code using the phone camera.

To use the fake generator, users had to enter the address of the bitcoin wallet, as well as a protective text phrase. Further, as the developers promised, the program itself will generate a QR code that will need to be scanned before entering the wallet.

Bitcoin scammers use fake ...

The first to suspect that something was wrong was the director of security on the MyCrypto platform Harry Denley, who decided to use the services of the site and create QR codes for several bitcoin wallets. But no matter how much he tried, the generator always produced the same QR code for all wallets. This meant that if a user shared a QR code with someone else, or posted it on a website to request donations, all money would be sent to the scammers’ address..

Be careful of fake #Bitcoin QR code generators – these ones have had ₿4.9 gone through the current activate address

free-bitcoin-qr-codes [.] com
bitcoinaddresstoqrcode [.] com

Address: 343CXYVBKXT2VgELCdjEeMyPpfiKwkzUNg ($ BTC)

IP hosting suspicious domains

– harrydenley.eth ◊ (@sniko_) March 21, 2020

According to Denley, he identified nine fake sites that were generating the fraudulent QR code:

Bitcoin scammers use fake ...

Denley said that nine websites generated QR codes for five different Bitcoin addresses, which received funds totaling over 7 BTC ($ 45,000) – most likely from deceived users.

But that’s not all. When Harry Denley tried to find the site’s creators and turned to PassiveTotal for help, he was able to find three servers that were hosting the domains of 450 fraudulent sites. Some of them simply advertised cryptocurrencies and offered cryptocurrency trading services, and some sites acted as so-called “accelerators” of bitcoin transactions. Sites of this type ask users to enter a transaction ID and promise to speed up the process of its approval on the blockchain. In particular, Denly was able to identify the following fraudulent resources:

Bitcoin scammers use fake ...

The organizers of the scheme asked for a transaction acceleration fee of 0.001 BTC ($ 6.50) and, according to Denley, the BTC addresses where the fees were charged. As a result, the scammers received over 17.6 BTC, which amounted to a whopping $ 117,000.

Indeed, the cryptocurrency market has been and remains overflowing with scammers, so users need to be extremely careful not to fall for the bait of scammers..



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