Bitcoin took John Lennon’s son beyond the physical world


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Bitcoin took John Lennon's son beyond the physical world

Bitcoin took John Lennon’s son beyond the physical world

  • John Lennon’s son believes Bitcoin helps overcome the limitations of the physical world.

  • He believes that Bitcoin should be available not only to wealthy investors..

  • Bitcoin has risen in price over the past month by 43%.

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As Sean Lennon stated on the Orange Pill podcast, bitcoin gives people an unprecedented opportunity to transcend the physical world..

Bitcoin took John Lennon's son beyond the physical world

Sean Lennon, son of famed musician John Lennon, focused on Bitcoin (BTC) in the latest Orange Pill podcast. In his opinion, this cryptocurrency “gives people unprecedented strengths and opportunities” and allows them to overcome the restrictions imposed by politics and the physical world..

Sean Ono Lennon on bitcoin: a source of optimism and happiness in 2020 as well as total agency & self-sovereignty at all times @seanonolennon @maxkeiser pic.twitter.com/u1YJiWNFcX

– Orange Pill Podcast (@orangepillpod) November 22, 2020

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Bitcoin to every home

Over the past months, Bitcoin has already been the subject of many praise. However, they came mainly from large institutional investors, who have been increasingly investing record amounts in bitcoin lately. Earlier, the editorial staff of BeInCrypto has already talked about the high interest in Bitcoin from companies such as MicroStrategy, Square and PayPal.

Bitcoin took John Lennon's son beyond the physical world

This trend has even forced some members of the crypto community to start talking about bitcoin turning into “money for the rich.” It cannot find wide practical application in the world, but its price will continue to rise as long as the rich continue to buy it..

It’s rich people money. Doesn’t scale as a native utility for the broader planet, but as long as rich people keep buying it, it will go up in value.

– Vinny Lingham (@VinnyLingham) November 22, 2020

Meanwhile, Lennon hopes that everyone on this planet will be able to enjoy the benefits that Bitcoin has to offer..

“To be honest, in the ocean of destruction and collapse this year represents, Bitcoin was able to give me a ray of hope and optimism,” he admitted..

A ray of light

Indeed, judging by the dynamics of the bitcoin rate, Lennon is not the only one who looks at cryptocurrency with hope. Just a month ago, the BTC rate was trading at around $ 12,965, and now it is already threatening to renew historical highs, having strengthened by 43% in a month to the $ 18,500 area (at the time of writing).

According to Lennon, when it comes to safeguarding their savings, cryptocurrencies give ordinary people a stronger sense of security. “If they had gold, they would have to carry it with them in a sack, and someone could steal it,” Lennon gives an example, adding that such problems cannot arise with Bitcoin..

Instead, Bitcoin helps to transcend the boundaries of the familiar physical world. People can sleep well knowing that their funds are more secure than if they were invested in gold.

Bitcoin took John Lennon's son beyond the physical world

“This means that you are your own boss, completely sovereign and independent. The main thing is not to forget your key phrase “.


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