Brand or clients: CEO BeInCrypto …


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Brand or clients: CEO BeInCrypto ...

Brand or clients: CEO BeInCrypto spoke about trends in working with cryptomedia

  • CryptoSMI is an important tool in the formation of the project brand

  • You need to attract customers with the help of influencers

  • Careful selection of crypto media is the key to a successful advertising campaign

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Alena Afanasyeva, the head and co-founder of one of the largest cryptomedia BeInCrypto, made a presentation at the Digital Summit 2020 and spoke about the trends in working with cryptomedia in a highly competitive cryptocurrency market.

Brand or customers: choose the right strategy


In a period of huge competition in the cryptocurrency market, it is quite difficult for a company to stay in its niche, attract new customers and start earning constantly and a lot. The success of a cryptocurrency project is influenced by many factors: product quality, team professionalism, image and user confidence in the product. And if the media are unlikely to be able to influence the first two factors, then building a brand or attracting customers from outside is the main task of cryptomedia.

“The leaders of crypto projects want everything and a lot, and at once. But you need to decide what you really want to achieve at this stage: a persistent and recognizable image that will attract customers constantly, or you plan to direct all energy and resources to generating customers. Determine the goals immediately, because different marketing strategies should work to achieve them, ”says Alena Afanasyeva.

Brand or clients: CEO BeInCrypto ...

Today, most projects are not ready to speak openly about their advantages, and most importantly, about their shortcomings. However, readers of crypto-media have become much smarter and more enlightened in crypto-currencies, and they can no longer be attracted by a bright press release and cannot be fooled by a customized review. Users want to know the whole truth about the project in order to decide whether to invest in it or not. Therefore, the expert recommends not to hide the unremarkable aspects of the project, but to speak openly with your client.

“Many crypto projects want media coverage. However, don’t confuse it with a press release. If you want potential investors to believe you, it should not be a sweet idealized review, but an honest, comparative one, showing the pros and cons, ”says Alena Afanasyeva.

Therefore, if the project is interested in building a sustainable brand, then it is necessary to pay attention to a consistent and frank advertising campaign, choose media that already enjoy the trust of the audience, and are also ready to provide favorable conditions for cooperation..

Looking for clients? Go to influencers


If the company is interested in attracting new customers, then the best tool can be influence marketing, that is, promoting the product through opinion leaders, which can be analysts, crypto experts, investors, bloggers, journalists and others..

“Influencers and social networks are one of the strongest sales and promotion channels. Funnels correctly built for you will give more than much else, ”said Alena Afanasyeva.

In addition, the speaker outlined other trends in working with media that will allow the crypto project to build a recognizable brand and attract customers:

  1. DETERMINE PURPOSE: customers or brand?

These are completely different marketing campaigns and approaches..

Brand or clients: CEO BeInCrypto ...

Low traffic and low brand awareness media will get you nothing. Large media may require too large budgets.


If you are not met, if you are not given statistics, if you are not offered solutions that are more suitable for you, this is a guarantee of low results..


Try different formats. Test. What worked before may not work now.

In general, if a crypto project has entered the market and is going to exist on it for a long time and effectively, then one cannot do without a stable brand. You need to start working on it at the very beginning. Cryptomedia is the main tool for building a project brand.


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