Buffett changes his mind about gold – is Bitcoin next in line?


Warren Buffett: ‘I don’t own any cryptocurrency and I never will’

Buffett changes his mind about gold - is Bitcoin next in line?

Buffett changes his mind about gold – Bitcoin is next?

  • Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway acquires shares in gold mining company for the first time.

  • This move reflects a change in Buffett’s investment strategy.

  • Crypto enthusiasts hope this can draw his attention to Bitcoin too.

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Buffett’s investment firm has invested in the gold segment for the first time, acquiring shares in the largest gold mining company. Will he change his mind about Bitcoin now??

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Group has revised its gold investment strategy with the acquisition of 20.9 million shares in Barrick Gold Corp. for the first time in its history. Barrick is one of the world’s largest gold mining companies.

Course reversal

Buffett changes his mind about gold - is Bitcoin next in line?

Some market participants saw the move as a sign of Buffett’s growing interest in assets that are widely recognized as store of value – such as gold, silver or bitcoin. Inflation, economic problems and the dynamics of the US Treasury yield curve all undermine the position of the dollar and force investors to think about alternatives.

Nevertheless, it is for Buffett that such a revision of investment policy is particularly significant. Many remember that earlier the financial guru actively opposed the yellow metal, considering it an unproductive asset and pointing out the lack of its practical use..

In 1998, Buffett made a famous policy statement about gold:

“We’re digging a piece of gold in Africa or somewhere else. Then we melt it, dig a new hole, bury it again and pay people to guard it … Anyone who looked at this from Mars would scratch their heads in puzzlement. “.

Buffett’s point of view is understandable. Gold will not offer the investor any dividends or interest. However, when such indicators begin to go into negative zones under the pressure of inflation, gold begins to shine in a new way..

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Next is Bitcoin?

Members of the crypto community could not help but react to such news. As crypto enthusiast Travis Kling commented on Twitter, the reasons for such a change in course in the current economic environment are quite obvious. He recalled Buffett’s above statement about gold and suggested that in the coming years, the famous investor may change his attitude towards bitcoin (BTC)..

However, not everyone shared this enthusiasm. In the comments to the post, one of the users indicated:

Buffett changes his mind about gold - is Bitcoin next in line?

“I think you are overestimating the changes in strategy. Buffett’s investment philosophy has always rejected unproductive assets (gold or bitcoin). Shares of a company, even if this company mines gold, are undoubtedly considered a productive asset “.

Indeed, the markets have surprised Buffett more than once lately. BeInCrypto already reported this spring that it has sold nearly $ 400 million worth of airline shares, although it had previously claimed the industry would survive the turbulence without losses. Then crypto enthusiasts also noticeably revived, but Buffett’s flexibility in views did not cause a change in his attitude towards cryptocurrencies..

However, members of the crypto community do not give up hope, continuing to bet on the fact that gold and bitcoin are showing an ever higher correlation.

Recall also that yesterday we talked about the forecasts of the Winklevoss brothers, according to which Elon Musk is going to mine gold in space, which will provoke a collapse in prices for precious metals..


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