Cryptocurrencies are among the most …


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Cryptocurrencies are among the most ...

Cryptocurrencies are among the most profitable investments in 2021

  • Cryptocurrencies have become the most profitable investment vehicle

  • Investing with leverage, stocks ranked among the top three investment vehicles

  • Russians are looking for protection of finance from inflation in cryptocurrency

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Crypto Investment Funds Post Record Profits Amid Bitcoin Rally This Year

Better than stocks and raw materials

Cryptocurrencies are among the most ...

Cryptocurrencies are recognized as the most profitable asset, and funds specializing in investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum claim record profits.

According to Morningstar, the Grayscale Ethereum Trust became the best fund of the year, focusing on investing in Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency. It brought investors 333.7% profit this year.

CoinShares notes that a rally in the cryptocurrency market contributed to the growth in profits / Earlier, the BeInCrypto editorial staff reported that retail investors are behind the rapid growth. The aggregate value of assets invested in cryptocurrency funds reaches a record $ 15 billion, up from $ 2.57 billion at the end of 2019.

An honorable second place in the rating of the most successful investment companies was given to funds providing investment opportunities with leverage. Bank of Montreal MicroSectors FANG + 3X leveraged ETN and Bank of Montreal MicroSectors FANG + 2X leveraged ETN, providing investment opportunities in FANG tech stocks such as Facebook In June 2019, Facebook announced preparations for the Libra digital currency. The social networking project immediately caught the eye … More Inc and Netflix Inc reported 301.9% and 201.9% returns, respectively.

Among actively managed funds that do not use leverage, the ARK Innovation ETF showed the best overall returns at 143.8%, followed by the American Beacon ARK Transformational Innovation Fund at 141.4% and the Morgan Stanley Institutional Investment Fund at 139 .7%.

Mutual funds and the stock market were outsiders this year.

“It was a difficult year, like some others, for the $ 21.3 trillion mutual fund and the $ 4.4 trillion ETF industry. US stocks fell sharply in March and bond yields remained at record lows for most of the year after the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented action to stimulate financial markets and keep interest rates low, ”Reuters writes..

Funds ended the year with the worst performance, betting on shares of oil and gas companies, which fell sharply this year due to a collapse in demand. In April of this year, for the first time in history, oil futures contracts fell below zero.

Investing in bitcoin always pays off

Investing in bitcoin is always profitable, regardless of market conditions. This was previously stated by Nikolai Udyansky, the founder of the Coinsbit cryptocurrency exchange and the Bitcoin Ultimatum fork. In his opinion, investing in bitcoin always pays off despite sharp jumps in the rate..

Cryptocurrencies are among the most ...

“No matter how much the price goes down, it will always recover and give its plus. It’s just a matter of time and keeping calm, “Udyansky said..

The technical director of CEX.IO Dmitry Volkov is of the same opinion. According to the expert, investing in bitcoin allows you to protect funds from risks.

“Along with lower rates, world banks are pouring cheap money into the economy. Some of them have already settled on stock markets, which have overheated significantly over the past few weeks. Some investors consider the crypto market, in particular, investments in bitcoin, as a hedge of inflation. This event did not pass by the Russian players, who have already paid attention to bitcoin and other so far undervalued assets, “Volkov said..

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