Cryptocurrency news for today April 14


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Cryptocurrency news for today April 14

Cryptocurrency news for today April 14

  • Miners started preparing for a traumatic event

  • Analysts are looking for analogies to guess the outcome of Bitcoin halving

  • Hyperinflation and COVID-19 Will Not Help Cryptocurrency Go to the Masses

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Halving Bitcoin halving cuts the number of new coins created and earned by miners in half. This happens about every four years and … More bitcoin on the way, it is not surprising that miners are trying to find ways to save money, and traders are trying to find footholds to understand. what will happen to the rate of the first cryptocurrency after this event. However, analysts advise against using the recent Bitcoin Cash halving for this purpose. In addition, there are doubts and allegations that the hyperinflation triggered by the coronavirus pandemic will provide significant support to Bitcoin. According to recent research, bitcoin is much more often used to buy food and clothing than to finance terrorism or purchase illegal goods and services on the darknet..

Cryptocurrency news for today April 14

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People are willing to pay for the opportunity to sell bitcoin futures

A bearish trend has formed in the BTC futures markets. Some traders are willing to pay high interest rates on a price cut. While bitcoin futures have soared, traders still don’t know what to expect. Indicators in the BTC futures markets do not bode well as traders are willing to pay higher interest rates for short positions. According to CL (@ CL207), people pay 6.5% per annum to sell BTC on futures exchanges. More details

You shouldn’t compare Bitcoin halvings and Bitcoin Cash, says cryptanalyst

Cryptocurrency news for today April 14

Despite the fact that such bitcoin forks as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV were still able to “survive” halvings, you should not rely on their experience. Halving of the largest cryptocurrency by capitalization Bitcoin (BTC) can expect an unexpected outcome. More details

More than 30% of Bitcoin holders spend it on buying food

Despite the fact that bitcoin is considered one of the most effective investment tools, capable of generating profit faster than other existing assets, cryptocurrency holders prefer to spend it on buying food and clothing. The employees of the analytical company Visual Objects came to such conclusions after conducting their own research. According to a survey of 983 people, it turned out that cryptocurrency holders prefer to spend bitcoins to pay for food and clothing. For example, 38% of respondents admitted that they paid for the delivery of pizza and other food using MTC. Another 34% of those surveyed said that they paid with cryptocurrency for buying clothes in an online store. More than 20% of bitcoin holders bought gold, weapons (15%) and drugs (11%) for cryptocurrency. More details

Bitcoin: Potential Reversal Levels for All Tastes

Since March 13, Bitcoin has been steadily strengthening without significant pullbacks, but since April 13, the situation has changed a lot. The started decline may be the first stage of a long-term drawdown. Popular crypto trader DonAlt (@CryptoDonAlt) shared a BTC chart on Twitter, in which he noted the most bearish currency close in the entire rally that began on March 13. He also identified three levels of long-term support that can suit a wide variety of traders. More details

Prominent analyst doubts COVID-19 and hyperinflation will help Bitcoin

Bitcoin has fewer reasons to expect a positive outcome of the May halving due to widespread skepticism about the future of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin price recovery will take much longer than many would like. At least the famous analyst and trader Peter Brandt hints at this. Brandt believes that a recovery in the price of bitcoin is possible only in the long term, but this will not at all be related to the fact that the generation of baby boomers “destroyed” the traditional financial system. More details


Cryptocurrency news for today April 14

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