Cryptocurrency news for today April 19 – BeInCrypto


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Cryptocurrency news for today April 19 - BeInCrypto

Cryptocurrency news for today April 19 – BeInCrypto

  • China consolidates its leading position in the development of the cryptoindustry

  • Controversy Between Critics and Bitcoin Supporters Reaches New Levels

  • The industry was covered with a wave of sales

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Roger Ver is dissatisfied with the high fees on the bitcoin network, and a well-known economist and bitcoin critic compares the first cryptocurrency to bananas, while not in favor of cryptocurrency. China continues its massive assault on the digital money industry and may soon start paying salaries in cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the industry was covered by a wave of layoffs.

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Cryptocurrency news for today April 19 - BeInCrypto

The cryptoindustry recorded an increase in the number of layoffs

One of the largest cryptocurrency custodians fired 12% of its employees almost immediately after the deal to buy a tax reporting platform. The cryptocurrency market has seen an increase in layoffs caused by global economic instability. For example, on Friday, one of the largest cryptocurrency custodians BitGo told The Block that 12% of its employees were fired due to restructuring caused by the recent acquisitions of two companies. More details

China will start paying salaries in digital money

As early as May, employees of the city administration and other government agencies of Suzhou will receive their salaries in DCEP digital currency. In addition, all Chinese local governments and committees are encouraged to sign contracts for DCEP and create special digital wallets where the coins will go. 4 state-owned banks of Suzhou are issuing a new digital currency. In fact, the digital yuan, China’s financial regulator, has been working on building a digital asset for several years. During this time, a large number of … More, called DCEP, will be used in the same way as fiat money. They can pay for purchases in a store, utilities and other services, travel on public transport. More details

One of the Bitcoin pioneers closes its doors forever

Purse.io, one of the pioneers in the mass adoption of bitcoin, announced its liquidation, which allowed purchases of goods on Amazon for the BTC. Purse.io became one of the first startups to popularize Bitcoin six years ago. To do this, she focused on such an important segment as the retail sector, becoming a payment intermediary between the owners of the BTC cryptocurrency and the traditional Amazon marketplace. However, on April 16, the company announced its closure. More details

Even bananas are a better commodity than bitcoin

Billionaire entrepreneur and notorious crypto-skeptic Mark Cuban has repeatedly stated that he does not consider Bitcoin a valuable asset. In one of the discussions, he told Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of investment company Morgan Creek Digital, that he is ready to change his mind if the crypto coin is easier to buy and sell than gold. However, this will definitely not happen in the near future, Kuban is sure. Mark Cuban himself noted that the price of bitcoin directly depends on fiat money. At least for now. To buy MTC or, conversely, to sell and withdraw funds, conversion of fiat money is required. That is, bitcoin cannot yet exist separately and independently of national currencies, so it cannot be considered a full-fledged means of payment. More details

Roger Ver complained about sky-high fees for Bitcoin transactions

Cryptocurrency news for today April 19 - BeInCrypto

According to Roger Ver, many times he had to pay $ 1000 in commission when making transactions with bitcoin. Crypto enthusiasts never tire of giving examples of how profitable and cheap money transfers are in the bitcoin network compared to traditional banking systems. However, not everyone agrees with this. Indeed, at times of increased load on the network, transactions with BTC actually become more expensive, and this drawback was often mentioned when discussing scalability problems. However, the stories that someone had to pay $ 1000 for a transaction with Bitcoin sound too far-fetched. More details



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