Cryptocurrency news for today April 2 – BeInCrypto


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Cryptocurrency news for today April 2 - BeInCrypto

Cryptocurrency news for today April 2 – BeInCrypto

  • Bitcoin will soon break its correlation with the stock market

  • Investors got their favorite coins during the crisis

  • Interest in cryptocurrency will only grow

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The experts explained which coins investors buy during the crisis and analyzed the correlation of the first cryptocurrency with the stock market. It turns out that it is not as durable as it might seem. The head of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange told why interest in cryptocurrencies will not fade away, but only continue to grow.

Cryptocurrency news for today April 2 - BeInCrypto

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Bitcoin will soon cease to correlate with the stock market

According to the analytical forecast of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Bitcoin will no longer be correlated with the stock market in the near term. Binance cryptocurrency exchange published a report in which it tried to calculate the likelihood of further maintaining the correlation of bitcoin with such traditional financial assets as gold, silver, S index&P 500 and many others. More details

Some exchanges lend USDT tokens they don’t have

As trading activity in the cryptocurrency space declines, many are buying USDT. There are concerns, however, that exchanges may be hiding the truth about balance sheets. Tether (USDT) continues to cause a lot of controversy in the cryptocurrency space, from lawsuits to constant daily emissions over the past few weeks. Many suspect token As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens are emerging. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More is not backed by the amount of dollars available in USDT. However, another problem now arises – what if the exchanges don’t actually have USDT declared? More details

What coins do investors buy during the crisis?

The crisis is not only a period of economic stagnation and decline. It is also a time of new opportunities. Today, stocks, bonds, precious metals, commodities and cryptocurrencies are at their lowest levels and are likely to fall even further in the near future. This is the right time to buy assets that can bring good dividends in the future. After the fall of the stock market and the decline in the price of oil, cryptocurrencies and precious metals, in particular, gold, began to be considered as the main investment assets that are still capable of generating profits. This idea was supported by the CEO of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange Jesse Powell, who stressed that the collapse of the cryptocurrency market is a great time to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at discounted prices. More details

Bitcoin code was placed in “Doomsday vault”

Cryptocurrency news for today April 2 - BeInCrypto

The source code for bitcoin is at a depth of 130 meters and can be preserved for at least 1000 years. One of the largest online hosting services for IT projects, GitHub, has added all of the Bitcoin technology ecosystem code to the Doomsday Vault as part of the GitHub Archive Program. parts of Norway – the Svalbard archipelago. More details

What problems does Bitcoin face?

Despite the fact that since its inception in 2009, bitcoin has made a real revolution in the world of finance, it still has its problems, some of which only get worse over time. The article discusses several of the main difficulties that accompany the existence of the main digital currency. More details


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