Cryptocurrency news for today April 21 – BeInCrypto


Cryptocurrency news for today April 21 - BeInCrypto

Cryptocurrency news for today April 21 – BeInCrypto

  • Bitcoin turned out to be less volatile than oil

  • Businesses are interested in cryptocurrencies, which cannot be said about governments

  • Blockchain application will help monitor the spread of coronavirus

International consortium of news organizations developing transparency standards.

The collapse of oil into negative territory is on everyone’s lips today. Cryptocurrency traders are no exception. Many rejoice at the relative stability of the cryptocurrency amid chaos in the energy market. Meanwhile, technical analysts advise not to flatter yourself and note several bearish signals. According to recent research, businesses are more interested in cryptocurrencies – a typical situation when it comes to innovation..

Cryptocurrency news for today April 21 - BeInCrypto

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Bitcoin is always in a bullish trend, the main thing is to find a suitable asset

Prices for the May contract for WTI crude oil fell 300% on Monday. For the first time in history, oil prices went into negative territory, testing the $ 40 mark per barrel. This means that at a certain moment, sellers of futures were ready to pay extra to buyers, just to get rid of their contracts, which expire today. This means that all holders of the May futures will have to accept the physical delivery of oil in accordance with the terms of the contract. However, given the severe shortage of oil storage facilities, no one is happy about this prospect. More details

Cryptocurrency news for today April 21 - BeInCrypto

Rostec expects 30% growth of the blockchain industry in Russia

Russia will see a sharp jump in the growth of blockchain companies in the next ten years, according to forecasters of one of the largest technology state corporations. The Russian state corporation Rostec has prepared a project for the development of distributed ledger technologies. This is reported by CNews, referring to the project of the corporation. According to the published document, in Russia it is planned to increase the number of companies using distributed ledger technologies (TPR) from less than 1% in 2019 to 30% already in 2030.

Hackers first robbed, and then decided to troll it’s decentralized lending protocol has recently been hacked. However, the hacker returned part of the funds with a message for the project. The DeFi community is trying to deal with another illegal infiltration. About $ 25 million was allegedly withdrawn through the decentralized lending protocol run by dForce. The team said it was currently “in talks” with the hacker. However, it seems that this person is not taking what is happening seriously. More details

Businesses are more interested in cryptocurrencies than governments – research

In the consumer sector, the popularity of non-cash settlement methods such as digital currencies is growing every day. Businesses are far more interested in using cryptocurrencies than the consumer sector or governments themselves. According to a survey by The Economist, more than half (55%) of those surveyed believe that only business will benefit most from the introduction of cryptocurrencies. About 24% are confident that the consumer sector will benefit further, and only 19% believe governments will find cryptocurrency applications most useful. More details

One Bitcoin can now buy 610 barrels of oil

The oil industry continues to suffer severe losses amid the coronavirus pandemic. As a result of the latest drawdown, oil prices almost reached $ 11. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an unprecedented crisis, hitting the demand side of the economy painfully and disrupting manufacturing activity. Against this background, the oil market is threatened by a monstrous increase in reserves of unclaimed raw materials. Reflecting these risks, oil quotes almost hit $ 11 a barrel today. More details


Cryptocurrency news for today April 21 - BeInCrypto

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