Cryptocurrency news for today April 30 – BeInCrypto


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Cryptocurrency news for today April 30 - BeInCrypto

Cryptocurrency news for today April 30 – BeInCrypto

  • Bitcoin jumps above $ 9000 and crashes Coinbase

  • Tether follows in the footsteps of the Fed and turns on the printing press

  • Exchanges are canceling commissions on USDT

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At morning trading on Thursday, Bitcoin broke through the $ 9,000 mark, it seems that the bulls cannot be stopped, and the market has entered the stage of pre-halving fever. However, not everyone was ready for a sharp rise in prices. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, for example, has gone offline abruptly, sparking a wave of community outrage. The Tether Treasury also incurred the righteous ire of crypto traders by printing another 60 million USDT coins for some reason. And some exchanges began to cancel the commission when trading this stablecoin..

Cryptocurrency news for today April 30 - BeInCrypto

Read about how things are in the cryptocurrency market, as well as about the key events that have occurred in the cryptocurrency industry over the past day, in our daily digest..

Exchanges remove commission for trading in pairs with USDT

Several cryptocurrency exchanges have decided to introduce a zero commission for trading in pairs with USDT. This is done in order to stimulate trading in stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, since this pair is the most demanded in the market. As representatives of the exchange explained in an exclusive comment for BeInCrypto, this is not a temporary promotion, but a strategic decision that will make it even more profitable to trade large volumes of cryptocurrency and stablecoins. More details

Vadim Grusha: “It is difficult to find a reliable crypto wallet, but it exists”

Cryptocurrency news for today April 30 - BeInCrypto

For more than five years, Vadim Grusha and his team have devoted themselves to creating an easy-to-manage, but at the same time, reliable, in terms of protection, crypto wallet. Initially tried to create a wallet for DeFI Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a financial service built on blockchain technology that offers users access to an open, efficient and … More, and they did it very well. But the community was not ready to use complex technologies of decentralized finance, so the product was not widely used in society. Then it was decided to simplify the technology and create a reliable crypto wallet. This is how Trustee was born. We are talking about cryptocurrency wallets in an exclusive interview with Vadim Grusha. More details

Coinbase crashes amid explosive growth in bitcoin

Many Twitter users report that it is impossible to access the exchange not only through the web version of the site, but also through the mobile application. The popular American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase collapsed amid a sharp rise in bitcoin. Users began to report problems with access to the exchange on Twitter at 20:30 Moscow time. More details

Bitcoin Price Rises, BitMEX Liquidity Remains Sluggish

The March crash in the cryptocurrency market has had a very tangible impact on exchanges like BitMEX, and many sites have yet to recover, despite the revival in the price of bitcoin and altcoins. On March 12, the digital currency market experienced a real “Black Thursday” – in less than a day, cryptocurrencies collapsed by almost 50%, having lost more than $ 100 billion. Since then, the market capitalization of tokens has compensated for almost all losses, marking today at a seven-week high of $ 225 billion. As a result of the recovery Bitcoin and most altcoins have returned to their pre-flash crash levels. More details

Bitcoin breaks $ 9,000 and Tether prints another $ 60 million USDT

According to Whale Alert (@whale_alert), another 60 million USDT were issued yesterday. This message caused a lot of excitement in the cryptocurrency space. Basically, the reaction to the new portion of USDT was negative. Many have compared Tether Treasury to the Fed, remembering the sensational meme – money printer go BRRR. The issue of Tether is getting more and more criticism. A few months ago, each new batch was perceived as a bullish signal, but now the issue of coins is accompanied by ridicule and calls for investigation. More details


Cryptocurrency news for today April 30 - BeInCrypto

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