Cryptocurrency news for today July 20 – BeInCrypto


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Cryptocurrency news for today July 20 - BeInCrypto

Cryptocurrency news for today July 20 – BeInCrypto

  • Bitcoin has problems completing consolidation

  • Hacking Twitter is bad, but Bitcoin is not to blame

  • XRP Is Now Traded On The FTX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange

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There is no way Bitcoin can break out of the range. The first cryptocurrency has been trading below $ 9,200 for several days and shows no signs of readiness for a steady directional movement. XRP tried to fix above $ 0.2000 on news that FTX added the coin to the list of assets available for trading in the spot market. But here, too, failure. The upward impulse was short-term. Hacking Twitter continues to create waves and provoke discussions. Experts believe that the attack was not directed against bitcoin, but for him it is still an unfavorable event.

Cryptocurrency news for today July 20 - BeInCrypto

Bitcoin exchange rate can’t break out of the consolidation phase

Bitcoin (BTC) is trading below the 50-day moving average (MA) and the $ 9250 resistance area. As long as the trades are below these levels, the mood in the pair will be regarded by us as bearish. The same is confirmed by the decreasing highs that the pair is forming. However, the BTC rate is likely to follow the upward support line that has been supported on the chart since early May. Now it runs around $ 8950. However, the angle of inclination of this line is not entirely clear due to the large number of long wicks. If the price breaks this support line bearishly, the next support will find it in the $ 8700 area. More details

XRP Cryptocurrency Is Now Available On The FTX Exchange Paired With The Dollar

Sam Bankman-Freed, CEO and Founder of Biji Cryptocurrency Derivatives, announced on his Twitter that platform users now have access to trading the fourth largest cryptocurrency XRP paired with USD on the spot market. In addition, it can be used as collateral when trading any futures on the FTX platform. He also added that the exchange, which already has spot markets for much smaller coins such as Chainlink (LINK), Bitcoin SV (BSV), and Tron (TRX), is a bit late with XRP support. Nevertheless, the news caused a great stir among cryptocurrency fans, who immediately suspected that the time was not chosen by chance, and some important events were ahead. More details

Hacking Twitter showed bitcoin in a negative way

A large-scale attack on Twitter negatively affected the image of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular. Crypto-skeptics have once again stated that the digital currency market is one big scam. How the hacking of one of the most popular social networks in the world affected bitcoin, BeInCrypto asked Sergey Mendeleev, the founder of the Garantex cryptocurrency exchange. More details

Some cryptocurrency exchanges only work on the darknet

Research has shown that criminals still want anonymity, with some cryptocurrency exchanges handling a significant proportion of suspicious transactions without verification requirements. Transactions on the darknet are so closely intertwined with the bitcoin ecosystem that trying to mentally separate the coin from them destroys the essence of its decentralization. The Silk Road originated many years ago and became the first use case for bitcoin in e-commerce. Much has passed since then, much has changed, but the volume of cryptocurrency transactions on the darknet continues to grow. More details

Cryptocurrency news for today July 20 - BeInCrypto

Twitter Attack Doesn’t Target Bitcoin

Hacking Twitter accounts of public figures is an open large-scale provocation by hackers. Some experts claim that in this way an action could be organized against Donald Trump, who openly opposed the social network. Others say the scammers were simply trying to cash in on user trust. How the hacking of the social network will affect the crypto market, BeInCrypto asked the CEO of BTC-Alpha Vitaly Bodnar. More details



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