Cryptocurrency news for today July 25 – BeInCrypto


XRP Price Analysis Is Targeting 4000 Satoshis (XRP/BTC)

Cryptocurrency news for today July 25 - BeInCrypto

Cryptocurrency news for today July 25 – BeInCrypto

  • Traders start bitcoins on exchanges, but the first currency still lags behind in growth rates

  • Ethereum is fast approaching critical resistance

  • Gary Kasparov believes in the future of digital assets

International consortium of news organizations developing transparency standards.

The cryptocurrency market continues to recover, with altcoins still outperforming bitcoin in terms of growth. Ethereum is rapidly approaching the $ 300 mark, Cardano, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash are also demonstrating confident bullish dynamics. Meanwhile, experts note that investors are again bringing bitcoins to exchanges and are waiting for a decisive breakthrough from the first cryptocurrency..

Bitcoin will inevitably become massive – Garry Kasparov

Chess grandmaster and human rights activist Garry Kasparov explained why the current economic crisis will increase interest in Bitcoin. Russian chess player Garry Kasparov said in a recent interview that against the backdrop of unconventional monetary policy and government excesses, Bitcoin may be the right decision. More details

PTS dominance index may turn around from important support

Cryptocurrency news for today July 25 - BeInCrypto

The Bitcoin Dominance Index (BTCD) has been trading within a falling wedge since May 7, when the price peaked at 68.92%. A falling wedge has traditionally been considered a bullish reversal pattern, potentially promising a bullish breakout for the index. At the time of writing the analysis, the BTCD index was trading directly in the area of ​​the support line of this pattern, which runs very close to the support area of ​​62.5%. This area stopped the previous decline in February 2020. The daily RSI is starting to give bullish divergence signals, which increases the likelihood of growth. More details

Cryptocurrency ETH has updated its annual maximum, up to $ 300 is at hand

For almost two months, ETH sat in a narrow range, constrained by resistance at $ 240, it is not surprising that a break above this mark provoked a large-scale rally, and the summer for investors has ceased to be languid. Ethereum began to rise on Wednesday following a sharp and unexpected jump in Bitcoin above $ 9,300. However, if the first cryptocurrency slowed down after the breakthrough of $ 9,500, the ether did not stop there and on Friday updated the annual maximum at $ 287.80. More details

Why bitcoins flooded to exchanges again – for the first time in six months

According to the results of the latest report of the analytical service Glassnode, in July this year (as of July 19), the volume of bitcoins entering cryptocurrency trading platforms, for the first time since January, exceeded the figure for BTC withdrawn from exchanges. It is noteworthy that before that, for almost half a year, the outflow of bitcoins from crypto exchanges consistently exceeded their inflow. More details

Poloniex Exchange Launches New Trading Assets Tied To Trump

Trump Presidential Tokens are ERC-20 tokens that can be exchanged for $ 1 or $ 0 depending on whether Trump won or lost the presidential election. These trading assets act as a predictive trades asset, where the market price of TRUMPWIN should be roughly equal to the probability that Trump will win the election, and the market price of TRUMPLOSE should be approximately -1 that probability. TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE are based on President 2020 futures contracts on FTX. One Token As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens are emerging. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOST equals $ 1. In case of Donald Trump’s victory in the upcoming elections, TRUMPWIN token holders receive double the amount. In case of loss, they get nothing. More details

Cryptocurrency news for today July 25 - BeInCrypto





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