Cryptocurrency news for today June 13


Breaking News from Crypto Business World (CBW) – June 13, 2020

Cryptocurrency news for today June 13

Cryptocurrency news for today June 13

  • Bitcoin Gains Popularity With Retail Investors

  • Institutionals are interested in mining

  • Governments will prevent the spread of cryptocurrency

International consortium of news organizations developing transparency standards.

JP Morgan believes that bitcoin has successfully passed its first strength test, and the Forbes editor-in-chief is confident that governments will never allow cryptocurrencies to spread, despite the fact that they themselves are actively developing digital money. Meanwhile, experts note the rapid growth of small coin holders, which may indicate a new stage in mass distribution..

Cryptocurrency news for today June 13

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Coinsquare finds itself at the center of a scandal

The CEO of a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange forced employees to make fake trades in order to maintain imaginary liquidity. Coinsquare, a Canadian-based cryptocurrency exchange, artificially inflated trading activity on the site. This is reported by the Motherboard edition, referring to the received correspondence within the exchange. More details

The number of small bitcoin holders sets records

Cryptocurrency news for today June 13

According to the analytical platform Glassnode, the number of bitcoin addresses with 0.1+ BTC on the balance reached a new all-time high of 3,054,282, breaking the previous record of 3,054,070, reached on May 21. At the current bitcoin rate, 10% of its value accounts for about $ 950. More details

Institutional investors will have access to cryptocurrency mining

In fact, the collaboration between the mining pool and the investment company will open up new opportunities for institutional investors. Now they will be able to access not only the purchase of cryptocurrencies and derivatives, but also the mining of bitcoins. PoolinCryptocurrency is not only an alternative to traditional money, but also a tool for making money. To process transactions in the network of coins, computing … More is ready to provide its computing power to investors who will be directed to the extraction of blocks. The received coins can be sent directly to the BlockFi wallet, which has a connection to the decentralized finance system. Further, investors will be able to either issue loans in cryptocurrency directly from their wallet, or sell coins through the fund on exchanges. More details

Bitcoin has proven its resilience in crisis – JPMorgan

In March, Bitcoin, like many other assets, experienced a severe fall. Economies quarantined one after another, and investors ran away from risky assets, fearing the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. Yet bitcoin came out relatively dry, according to analysts at one of the largest American banks, who recently published a report entitled “Cryptocurrency passed its first stress test: digital gold, pyrite, or something in between?” More details

American drug dealer is going to open his own mining farm

Drug dealer Le Roux was arrested in 2012 on charges of drug-related crimes. The offender himself admitted his guilt and repented. The court sentenced him to 25 years in prison, but the sentence has not yet entered into force. All this time, Le Roux is in custody. The drug dealer is going to appeal the court decision, but for now he sent a letter of remorse to the district judge, where he indicated all the crimes he had committed earlier. In addition, the criminal tried to pity the judge with a story about the bright future that he imagines. More details


Cryptocurrency news for today June 13

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