Cryptocurrency news for today June 9


Breaking News from Crypto Business World (CBW) – June 9, 2020

Cryptocurrency news for today June 9

Cryptocurrency news for today June 9

  • Some altcoins are preparing to rise

  • Bitcoin will rush down with S&P500

  • China blocks accounts for OTC transactions with cryptocurrency

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Ethereum is preparing to break through important resistance, and Bitcoin Cash may break the $ 260 mark in the near future. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is not doing so well, at least in the short term. Experts again hint at its direct correlation with the American stock market, which is already on the verge of failure. China has launched a hunt for cryptocurrency traders involved in over-the-counter digital currency trading, and scammers have begun hunting for unsuspecting citizens’ money.

Cryptocurrency news for today June 9

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Bitcoin is too tough for the $ 9800 mark

Bitcoin (BTC) attempted to rally in Monday trading by forming a tiny inverted hammer on the candlestick chart. Today, the cryptocurrency made new attempts to rise, at the moment it tested the resistance level of $ 9825. However, this time the quotes bounced back, forming a bearish engulfing candlestick pattern on the hourly chart with long shadows on both sides. Now the bitcoin rate is inside a parallel descending channel. More details

Bitcoin will fall if the S index&P 500 will continue to decline

Alessio Rastani still considers Bitcoin to be one of the most resilient assets that has shown its strength and strength during the March crisis. The expert emphasizes that the crypto market collapsed last, when it had practically no chance of growth due to the current situation in the global economy. However, cryptocurrencies quickly regained their value and have already fully recovered from the fall. The expert also assures that in the near future the military-technical cooperation will reach the $ 12,000 mark.

Bitcoin Cash May Reach $ 260 Soon

Two months have passed since the third halving of Bitcoin Cash, and the coin still has not shown a bullish breakout, preferring to repeat the dynamics of its main brother – Bitcoin. During this time, the coin rose several times to the maximum levels and rolled back. But it looks like now there are bright times for VSN. Experts predict the next growth of the cryptocurrency to a maximum of $ 260. Today, the coin is trading in a range above the $ 250 support level and is already targeting a new all-time high of $ 260 apiece. If in the near future the BCH overcomes this milestone, the coin will begin to strengthen rapidly and head towards the $ 270 mark. More details

China starts blocking bank accounts for OTC cryptocurrency transactions

Cryptocurrency news for today June 9

The cleaning up of the cryptocurrency market in China is most likely associated with the alleged money laundering. The Chinese authorities have launched a large-scale campaign to regulate the circulation of cryptocurrency funds through bank accounts. The first to notice this was the Invezz edition. More details

Cryptocurrency scammers are on the hunt for your money

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are promising technologies, but they carry not only advantages and innovations, but also risks. And now we are not talking about price volatility and unpredictability, but about the dominance of fraudulent projects. Where big money is spinning, there will always be people who want to enrich themselves at someone else’s expense. Recently, BeInCrypto’s editors reported that the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) froze the assets of Modern Money Team for $ 12 million.The project collected money from investors and spent it on personal needs – a very common scheme among online fraudsters, including and cryptocurrencies. More details


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