Cryptocurrency news for today March 30


HUGE CRYPTO NEWS!!! Altcoins Taking Off!

Cryptocurrency news for today March 30

Cryptocurrency news for today March 30

  • Bitcoin is recovering from its plunge, but not everyone believes in long-term success

  • The head of Binance does not consider Bitcoin as a means of payment

  • Defensive assets are gaining popularity in the wake of the crisis

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The head of Binance said that bitcoin will not become a means of payment, and a well-known trader is confident that bitcoin has little chance of returning to $ 20,000. Technical analysts point out that the 200-week moving average plays the role of a key support, and note that bitcoin is less volatile than the stock market, but also less reliable than gold.

Cryptocurrency news for today March 30

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BitMEX has identified the main sponsors of Bitcoin development

The exchange was able to compile a list of the main “donors” for the development of bitcoin, as well as the Lightning protocol. The BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange conducted a study to identify the main organizations and individuals funding the development of Bitcoin technology, as well as the Lightning protocol. Thus, according to the published research results, the main sponsors of the cryptocurrency ecosystem were three companies in descending order in terms of funding: Blockstream, Lightning Labs and Square Crypto. More details

Gold regains its status as a safe asset, spreads grow

Gold supply disruptions have led to widening spreads as investors have to overpay to get a safe asset. Bitcoin transaction fees have also gone up, so it is possible that the same is happening in this industry. Gold prices have almost completely returned to seven-year highs as this yellow precious metal has strengthened as a safe haven. The demand is so high that it has led to supply disruptions and widening spreads as people start paying the premium on the asset. More details

Bitcoin has almost no chance to grow to $ 20,000 in 2020

The percentage probability of whether Bitcoin will be able to return to its absolute records in 2020 has become known. Bitcoin is hibernating again. At least this is evidenced by the forecast of the analytical firm skew. According to the study, the probability that Bitcoin will be able to reach the $ 20,000 mark by December 2020 is no more than 4%. More details

The head of Binance is confident that cryptocurrency will not become a means of payment

Cryptocurrency news for today March 30

Despite the fact that the popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing from year to year, in the near future it will not become a full-fledged payment instrument. This is the conclusion reached by the CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao. Today, only 0.1% of the world’s population has cryptocurrency. This is negligible, so there is simply no point for sellers to accept crypto coins. Zhao is confident that it is necessary to speed up the process of adapting cryptocurrency for consumers, otherwise there is no point in developing this direction. He also gave a famous example of chicken and egg, thereby raising the topic of what should be primary: the launch of a cryptocurrency or its popularization among the population. More details

Bitcoin isn’t trading as volatile as stocks

In the outgoing week, stock markets again showed increased volatility amid investors’ assessments of the potential consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. Due to sharp fluctuations in both directions, it became more difficult for market participants to predict future movements of stocks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 900 points on Friday. Usually, such an amplitude of fluctuations is considered a large-scale fall, but given the range of current sales, this is not the most aggressive drawdown. More details


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