Cryptocurrency news for today March 31


Bitcoin News March 31, 2019

Cryptocurrency news for today March 31

Cryptocurrency news for today March 31

  • Bitcoin gives buy signals for the first time in a long time

  • Analysts advise against rushing decisions

  • French regulator considering issuing CBDC

International consortium of news organizations developing transparency standards.

A Messari top manager believes that buying bitcoin is not the smartest decision now, but technical indicators are giving buy signals for the first time in three months. The French central bank is actively exploring the creation of a digital currency, and crypto exchanges are announcing the launch of credit tokens to fill the gap after the delisting of these instruments on Binance.

Cryptocurrency news for today March 31

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Central Bank of France has begun to look closely at CBDC Paper bills and coins may be a thing of the past due to a new financial instrument – Central Banks Digital Currency (CBDC). As of … More

The country’s main regulator encourages everyone who can share unique ideas about CBDC to participate in the accelerator. The central bank of France Banque de France Banque de France has called for an experiment to use the digital euro issued for interbank settlements. More details

Binance Dropped Credit Tokens, Other Exchanges Picked Up

Binance recently decided to delist all leveraged tokens, and its competitors were quick to jump into the game after seeing opportunities to provide the same services. Binance made a splash by announcing that it no longer supports FTX credit tokens. Binance found tokens that move according to pegs (like ETH or EOS) too risky. The reason for the exclusion from the list was “user protection”, but the move caused widespread outrage. More details

Bitcoin indicator gave a buy signal for the first time in three months

Bitcoin has partially won back the fall of the previous few days and consolidated above the local resistance of $ 6300. This dynamic improved the technical picture and brought some optimism back to the market. After weeks of hard selloffs, the technical indicators are finally starting to turn upward, giving hope for a change in sentiment. In particular, the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index completed the strongest bearish trend that has formed since the end of July and has given the first buy signal since December last year. More details

It’s dangerous to buy bitcoin, says Messari top manager

Cryptocurrency news for today March 31

Cryptocurrency hedge funds that open long positions in bitcoin amid excessive volatility are playing with fire. According to Qiao Wang, director of product promotion at Messari analytical company, crypto hedge funds that open long positions in Bitcoin are not at all aware of the precariousness of the current situation in the cryptocurrency market. Wang wrote about this on his Twitter page. More details

“The altcoin market is equal to BTC”, – Maria Stankevich

The cryptocurrency market is gradually recovering after a massive fall in March. The main cryptocurrency Bitcoin has already won back almost 40% of its value. Following it, the value of the main altcoins began to increase. What will happen next with the main cryptocurrencies and is it worth investing in altcoins from the top 10 today, Maria Stankevich, director of business development of the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange, says in an exclusive interview with BeInCrypto. More details


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