Cryptocurrency News for Today May 18



Cryptocurrency News for Today May 18

Cryptocurrency News for Today May 18

  • Iconic people are beginning to take an interest in Bitcon

  • Bitcoin will rise with fiat inflation

  • Digital asset regulation gains traction in Asia

International consortium of news organizations developing transparency standards.

Elon Musk still has some bitcoins, and this fact inspired the participants in the crypto industry, as well as rumors that the author of Harry Potter is interested in digital money. The head of Visa also believes in the potential of Bitcoin, which is trying to gain a foothold in a bullish trend, and its success depends largely on the rise in inflation in the post-crisis world. Singapore and South Korea have become leaders in the regulation of cryptocurrencies, the States are far behind and are at risk of completely losing the leadership in this race.

Cryptocurrency News for Today May 18

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Visa CEO recognizes the potential of stablecoins and cryptocurrencies

The head of payment giant Visa, Alfred F. Kelly, has publicly called cryptocurrencies a useful addition to the traditional payment system. At a technology conference hosted annually by JP Morgan, Alfred Kelly, CEO of the multinational payments company Visa, said that while cryptocurrencies are not competitors for fiat, they can be an addition to the traditional payment system. More details

Bitcoin price: is it possible to talk about a long-term bullish trend?

Cryptocurrency News for Today May 18

On the weekly chart, the Bitcoin (BTC) rate has formed a bullish engulfing candlestick after the Doji candlestick that appeared the previous week. The closing level relative to the Doji resistance neutralized the bearish mood and neutralized the threat of a possible reversal. The formation of the slash was accompanied by trading volumes above average, which underscores its importance. Another bullish signal is the fact that the market has moved above the downtrend resistance line that has accompanied the price since the all-time high of December 2017 appeared on the chart. Perhaps this can serve as an indication of the end of the downtrend and the beginning of a new bullish trend. More details

Singapore and South Korea become leaders in cryptocurrency regulation

The Asian market is gaining momentum in the success of the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry, leaving the United States and Canada long ago. Last year, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) pushed regulators around the world to implement new guidelines to combat money laundering through cryptocurrency transactions. The guidelines, which include several measures to combat money laundering (AML) and the financing of terrorism (ATF), have come to be called the “travel rule”. More details

The growth of the bitcoin rate depends on inflation

Many believed that the crisis would be Bitcoin’s finest hour, as people would begin to shift to alternative currencies not controlled by central banks. So far, nothing like this has happened. Bitcoin supporters are counting on inflation to rise. For them, this is one of the main bullish factors in cryptocurrency. The future holds bright prospects for them, especially given that central banks around the world tirelessly print money and pump it into the economy. As soon as growth begins to recover, they could be swept by a wave of inflation. More details

Open interest in bitcoin futures nearly doubled

Open interest in bitcoin futures has nearly doubled in the last couple of weeks, jumping from levels below 6K to nearly 10K contracts. As a result, the number of contracts reached a record high. Tech analyst and trader Tom McClellan, who has over 36,000 Twitter followers, has drawn attention to this trend. More details


Cryptocurrency News for Today May 18

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