For 10 years, hackers have robbed crypto investors …


1,335,000 Bitcoin Went Missing In These Bitcoin Heists

For 10 years, hackers have robbed crypto investors ...

Over 10 years hackers robbed cryptoinvestors for almost $ 7.7 billion

  • Crystal Blockchain Analysts Investigate The Most High-profile Blockchain Security Incidents Since 2011.

  • All these security hacks cost crypto investors almost $ 7.7 billion.

  • Most often, exchanges based in the USA became the victims of hackers, and the most devastating attack was the Japanese Coincheck hack..

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New research shows that hacks and hacker attacks have cost crypto investors $ 7.69 billion since 2011.

Experts from the cryptocurrency analytical company Crystal Blockchain conducted a detailed study, bringing together the most high-profile cases of hacking of security systems, cyber terrorism and various types of fraud in the crypto space over the past 10 years..

For 10 years, hackers have robbed crypto investors ...

What where When?

Analysts have studied the data since 2011, thus covering the entire crypto-era since its inception. During the reporting period, 113 cyberattacks related to hacking of security systems and 23 fraudulent schemes were registered Cryptocurrencies are a new financial instrument that opens up their own prospects for each market participant. Some consider digital assets as a source of … More, which in total led to the loss of digital assets in the amount of approximately $ 7.69 billion. In an accompanying press release, the company noted that this figure is comparable to the size of Monaco’s GDP.

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A more detailed breakdown showed that the lion’s share of this amount (about $ 4.8 billion) came from fraud and scam. Security hackers get more modest $ 2.8 billion.

Source: Crystal

The researchers reported that similar incidents were recorded in 40 countries around the world, but the states with the most developed crypto markets turned out to be the most attractive to attackers. These include the United States, Great Britain, South Korea, Japan and China..

Book of records, but not Guinness

At the same time, the criminals were most attracted by the providers of various crypto services based in the United States. Over the entire existence of the blockchain ecosystem, such companies have become victims 13 times. Meanwhile, in terms of the volume of stolen funds, China became the undisputed leader..

The largest hack was a hacker attack on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck in 2018. This trading platform lost $ 535 million overnight.

For 10 years, hackers have robbed crypto investors ...

Crystal experts also found out that the favorite method of crypto-robbers is unauthorized entry into the internal security systems of exchanges and gaining access to hot crypto wallets of this site..

In conclusion, analysts warned that the number of hacker attacks will only continue to increase in the coming months and years. They attribute this to the continuous growth of blockchains and the constant improvement of hacker technologies and techniques. Thus, the recent news about the Harvest Finance hack will be just one of the items on a long list of victims of cybercriminals..

A ray of light is the fact that Crystal believes that the damage from these actions can still be minimized through the right actions and a responsible approach to security issues. This is especially true for hot wallets..


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