For some reason, Bitcoin halving coincides …


Why The 2020 Halving is the Most Significant Era In Bitcoin Since Genesis!

For some reason, Bitcoin halving coincides ...

Bitcoin halvings for some reason coincide with the US presidential elections

  • Bitcoin halving regularity coincides with the U.S. presidential election cycle.

  • Is this a coincidence or Satoshi did it on purpose?

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Halvings on the Bitcoin network occur every four years, just like the US presidential election. Is this also part of Satoshi Nakamoto’s intricate planIn 2009, someone (one person or a group of developers), hiding under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto), revolutionized the digital … More?

Members of the crypto community have long and unsuccessfully wondered why Satoshi Nakamoto, while creating bitcoin (BTC), decided to make halvings in his network occur every four years. According to one theory, this was done on purpose to tie this event to the US presidential election..

Satoshi’s Intricate Plan

For some reason, Bitcoin halving coincides ...

Halving – or halving the reward for each new block mined on the Bitcoin network – are among the most talked about events in the crypto industry. Each halving Bitcoin halving cuts the number of new coins created and earned by miners in half. This happens about every four years and … More leads to a reduction in the volume of new BTC coins issued, which makes Bitcoin an increasingly scarce asset. As a rule, each new halving is mainly associated with an increase in the bitcoin rate..

However, as it turned out, some people associate halving with other events that take place outside the Bitcoin ecosystem. Thus, a popular member of the PlanB crypto community (@ 100trillionUSD) drew readers’ attention to an interesting coincidence. All BTC halvings (2012, 2016, 2020 …) coincide with the holding of the US presidential election. In this regard, he wonders if this is an accidental coincidence or part of Satoshi’s cunning design.?

#Bitcoin halvings coincide with US presidential elections (2012, 2016, 2020 etc) .. chance or Satoshi’s genius?

– PlanB (@ 100trillionUSD) April 4, 2020

PlanB suggests the following as one possible explanation. Bitcoin was born as a response to the 2008 financial crisis. Perhaps the increase in volatility is largely due to, among other things, the approaching election year and the period of transfer of power. These processes are potentially capable of provoking political instability and deterioration of the economic situation..

According to PlanB, the pre-election year is always characterized by elements of volatility, crisis, pumping of stock markets and the like. It is possible that the presence of such hidden factors could indirectly influence the creation of a 4-year halving pattern for correcting the Bitcoin ecosystem and adjusting it to current policies..

Market volatility can bolster the defenses of the entire system, squeezing out weak players and doubters from the market, and thereby strengthening the base of coin holders, adds PlanB.

Yes, there is always volatility in and before an election year, a crisis, some stock market pumping, brrr etc. Non-linear monetary hardening combined with market volatility strengthens anti-fragile systems, it shakes out weak hands & non-believers and solidifies the hodler-base.

– PlanB (@ 100trillionUSD) April 4, 2020

For some reason, Bitcoin halving coincides ...

Less than 40 days left before halving

According to current estimates, the next Bitcoin halving will occur on May 13th. However, the members of the crypto community still have not come to a consensus on how it will affect the MTC rate.

For example, some experts believe that miners will try to sell off as many coins as possible before cutting rewards to compensate for the increase in costs. Others fear a drop in hash rate and a detrimental effect on prices of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, optimists continue to believe that the Stock-to-Flow model promises exponential growth for Bitcoin. In addition, bullish proponents remind that bitcoin may rise after halving..


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