Grayscale Investments now operates …


Grayscale Crypto – Explanation of the “Premiums” – GBTC, GDLC, ETHE, ETCG

Grayscale Investments now operates ...

Grayscale Investments Now Manages Over $ 9 Billion Crypto Assets

  • Grayscale Investments’ Crypto Assets Exceed $ 9 Billion.

  • Bitcoin remains the most popular investment.

  • Rally on the crypto market is increasingly attracting the interest of traditional investors.

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Digital assets managed by Grayscale Investments exceed $ 9 billion, while the investment company notes continued potential for further growth.

Grayscale Investments now operates ...

Grayscale builds up cryptocurrency reserves

Grayscale Investments, a digital asset investment company, announced on November 7 that it currently has over $ 9 billion in assets under its management. Throughout 2020, the company has been actively replenishing its investments in bitcoin (BTC).

Net Assets Under Management: Grayscale Investments

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Grayscale Investments now operates ...

So, immediately after the May halving in the bitcoin network, Grayscale Investments acquired almost 20,000 BTC. In September, the company bought over 17,000 more coins, bringing its total investment in bitcoin to 449,000 coins..

It is clear that such activity allows the company to rapidly increase the total volume of digital assets that it manages. For comparison, as recently as August this figure was $ 5.5 billion, distributed among various funds. Now, after just three months, it has already crossed the $ 9 billion mark.

Bitcoin takes the lion’s share in this portfolio (over $ 7.6 billion). The Grayscale Ethereum Trust is in second place. He manages assets worth about $ 1.1 billion. This type of investment can also be very promising, given the bullish factors behind ETH, including the swift transition to the new Ethereum 2.0 protocol promised by the developers..

Catch the BTC party

At the same time, Grayscale experts note a general increase in the interest of traditional investors in digital assets. Indeed, in recent years, an increasing number of participants in the traditional market are migrating to the crypto space, starting to master it..

Just recently, financial sector heavyweights like JPMorgan have openly announced their interest in investing in bitcoin., Paul Tudor Jones, Jack Dorsey Company Square and MicroStrategy.

As a rule, all of them are attracted by Bitcoin as a hedging tool against inflation in the context of aggressive fiscal stimulation of the economy around the world. Massive liquidity injection into national financial systems devalues ​​traditional money.

However, of course, another important driver of current investment trends is the vigorous rally of Bitcoin itself. His course recently flirted with $ 16,000, and at the time of writing is trading at around $ 15,000.

Grayscale Investments now operates ...

Investors are hoping en masse that this year Bitcoin will be able to break the current all-time high of $ 19,783. Perhaps their hopes will come true, since the BTC has a tendency to rally at the end of the year. It is possible that the coming December will confirm this trend. Many experts believe in this, including analysts from Bloomberg..


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