Grayscale’s Chainlink Secret Trust Revealed


Grayscale has revealed its secret Chainlink trust

Grayscale has revealed its secret Chainlink trust

  • Grayscale Investments Launches Chainlink Cryptocurrency Trust

  • The company did not publicly announce product line expansion

  • Grayscale has other small and mid-cap altcoin trusts

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Grayscale Investments found a Chainlink (LINK) cryptocurrency trust, as well as several other small and mid-cap altcoin trusts. Should we wait for new products?

Grayscale has revealed its secret Chainlink trust

Grayscale Investments is one of the largest and most influential players in the cryptocurrency industry. This asset management company was the first to offer institutional investors access to digital asset markets..

She actively supports the development of the cryptocurrency market and has previously reported that clients are actively interested in the second largest Ethereum coin by capitalization. ETH may not be the only altcoin attracting institutional.

We would love to see @Grayscale allow their customers to invest in Chainlink $ LINK

– G-Flo [SEMI-REKT] (@ G_Flo76) January 15, 2021

According to the state of Delaware, the number of Grayscale altcoin trusts is gradually increasing without much publicity. According to documents posted on the website of the Delaware corporate division, the company has several products that are not available to the public or featured on the website..

Data from Grayscale Chainlink Trust. Source: corporate division

Grayscale has revealed its secret Chainlink trust

Chainlink (LINK) Trust is especially interesting. LINK is one of the fastest growing coins in the world, making headlines more than once due to its explosive growth. The Grayscale Chainlink Trust could increase the credibility of LINK and altcoins in general. The entry of public companies into the altcoin market will draw attention to the technology and help its diffusion.

Note: The creation of a trust does not mean that the company is already actively accumulating LINK or buying in downturns. The documentation on the Delaware website only indicates that the trust exists. But what is in it – no one knows.

The list of Grayscale trusts, according to the official documentation provided in Delaware, is not limited to the altcoin Chainlink. In addition to several products already announced by the company, there are several new and yet to be announced coins including Filecoin (FIL) and Decentraland (MANA). Both altcoins solidified their positions in 2020, and Filecoin launched the main version of the network.

The list also includes several small and mid-cap coins such as Livepeer (LPT) and Horizen (ZEN).

List of officially available Grayscale Trusts. Source:

New course

Grayscale offers investments in diversified trusts as well as nine mono products, each focused on one coin. Recently, the company has not announced the expansion of the line of cryptocurrency products..

Grayscale has revealed its secret Chainlink trust

In January 2021, Barry Silber stepped down as head of Grayscale Investments to devote himself to the development of other cryptocurrency initiatives. His place was taken by Michael Sonnershine. Perhaps the emergence of new trusts is associated with a change in the management and course of the company.


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