Institutional Investors Increase …


Bannerman Resources (BMN) – Institutional Investors Race to $12M Raise

Institutional Investors Increase ...

Institutional Investors Increase Investment in Cryptocurrency

  • Investors will be able to profit from MTC in 6 – 12 months

  • More and more institutional investors are ready to invest in MTC

  • Bitcoin will reach $ 20,000, experts predict

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After the third halving of Bitcoin, the interest of institutional investors in Bitcoin has increased dramatically. Over the past few weeks, after the split in two, the market has seen an influx of investors who are ready to invest in Bitcoin as one of the most efficient investment assets..

Institutional Investors Increase ...

Bulls vs bears: who will win


In the past few weeks, after the third Bitcoin halving, the cryptocurrency market has seen increased volatility and price spikes in Bitcoin. At the beginning of the week, the main cryptocurrency broke the $ 10,000 threshold for the first time in several weeks and even reached the $ 10,400 mark, but could not hold out at this boundary for several hours, rolling back to $ 9,550. Such price swings are certainly not beneficial to investors, but they are also not an obstacle to further investing in cryptocurrencies..

“Bitcoin is on a swing between bulls and bears. On the one hand, we have network data and technical data. Other, strong fundamentals and correlations with US stock indices, ”said Nicholas Pelekanos, Head of Trading at NEM Ventures..

And while the market is in a state of heightened volatility, it may take investors from six months to a year to profit from their investment in bitcoin..

Institutional Investors Increase ...

“The first halving Bitcoin halving cuts the number of new coins created and earned by miners in half. This happens about every four years and … More, held in November 2012, saw bitcoin rise from $ 10 to $ 1,160 in 12 months. During the second halving in July 2016, bitcoins jumped more than 300%, from $ 650 to $ 2,800 in the same time frame. It can take investors 6 to 12 months to reap the rewards of price movements after the third halving, ”said Lennard Neo, head of research at Stack Funds..

Investment companies forecast an influx of institutional investors by the end of the year. Michael Sonnenshine, managing director of Grayscale, which owns $ 4 billion in cryptoassets, said the company’s bitcoin investment fund has grown by $ 2 billion since April as of June 2, 2020.

“There is a lot of momentum and interest in investing in digital currencies, especially in the face of uncertainty, pandemic, political tensions and the amount of stimulus pumping into the global economy,” Sonnenschein said..

When Bitcoin Proves Its Investment Potential?


Investment companies compare bitcoin to gold and even call the coin its “digital equivalent”.

“Bitcoin has great potential for growth. Gold is valued at $ 8 trillion and Bitcoin is valued at less than $ 200 billion. It just takes more time for mass adoption. People need enough time to fully understand and believe it, ”said James Waugh, Chairman of Digital Finance Group.

Institutional Investors Increase ...

Experts predict a rise in the value of bitcoin to the level of $ 20,000. This is facilitated by several factors, the main of which is the growth of open interest in futures. According to Bloomberg analysts, Bitcoin futures, which are now actively traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), also work to support the price of the cryptocurrency. Open interest in bitcoin futures contracts especially increased when the coin broke through the $ 10,000 milestone. Experts believe that this factor will be one of the decisive factors in the rise in the price of MTC. Today, more and more institutional investors are willing to invest in cryptocurrency derivatives trading.


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