Institutional investors will switch to ETH in 2021



Institutional investors will switch to ETH in 2021

Institutional investors will switch to ETH in 2021

  • Institutions will buy Ethereum in 2021

  • The activity of large investors will push the price of the token up

  • Bitcoin price has grown 10x thanks to institutional investors

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The upcoming 2021 could be a good time for Ethereum. Experts are confident that institutional investors will begin to massively buy ETH tokens.

Institutional investors will switch to ETH in 2021

From Bitcoin to Ethereum: where investors’ money flows

In 2020, bitcoin made a serious leap and went up in price 10 times in 9 months. Investment company Wells Fargo named bitcoin the best investment asset, and institutional investors continue to massively buy up cryptocurrency.

However, in 2021, the situation on the crypto market may change. This was announced on his Twitter page by Messari analyst Ryan Watkins.

“Forecast for 2021: in 2021, institutions will start investing in $ ETH. If you have already recognized bitcoin as a valuable asset, it is easier for you to take the next step and switch from $ BTC to $ ETH ”- wrote Watkins.

Institutional investors will switch to ETH in 2021

Watkins believes the launch of Ethereum futures on the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) confirms his predictions. According to him, if there was no interest in ETH on the market, then CME would not launch such a product..

BeInCrypto reported about the growing interest of investors and traders in Ethereum futures back in May this year. The analytical report of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange spoke about the increased interest of traders in derivatives for this coin.

“The change in open interest shows the influx of new money into the market. According to Skew, the aggregate open interest in ETH futures and swaps has grown steadily since mid-May, reaching its highest level in a month. An uptrend in open interest can also indicate that an existing market trend is strengthening, “the document says..

The increased investor interest in ETH is fueled by the launch of Ethereum 2.0 phase zero. Recall that the Celsius company contributed the last 25,000 coins needed to launch Ethereum 2.0.

How the Ethereum network will develop in 2021, read here.

Institutionals are pushing bitcoin prices up

If Watkins’ predictions come true, then in 2021 the price of the ETH token could go up sharply. A similar situation is observed today with bitcoin.

Analysts at PricewaterhouseCoopers believe that the current rally is primarily due to the availability of a ready-made infrastructure for the arrival of institutional investors. According to Henry Arslanyan, head of fintech and crypto-industry in the Asian region at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the majority of large bitcoin holders regard cryptocurrency as a tool to hedge inflation risks..

Institutional investors will switch to ETH in 2021

Given the strong pressure from public companies, large funds and macro investors, Pantera Capital’s Morehead believes the current rally is very different from what happened in 2017. According to him, during that period the price reached its maximum only due to speculation. Now they buy bitcoin with a 5-20 year perspective..


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