Ledger users received threats as a gift for Christmas


Is It Time for Us to Rethink How We Give Christmas Gifts?

Ledger users received threats as a gift for Christmas

Ledger users received threats as a gift for Christmas

  • Attacks on Ledger users take it to the next level

  • Users report threatening calls

  • Ledger tries to shift responsibility to customers

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Recently, there has been a series of attacks targeting Ledger hardware wallet owners

Ledger users received threats as a gift for Christmas

Sadly, attacks aren’t limited to phishing emails – some Ledger customers report ransom demands and even death threats.

The coming Christmas could turn into a real disaster for Ledger owners due to the growing wave of hacker attacks. This was the result of a massive data breach, including the leaking of 270,000 emails, phone numbers and Ledger customer addresses..

According to BeInCrypto, there is an increased threat of SIM replacement and some of them have already been attacked.

@ledger is hacked, and the next day I have my sim hacked! WTF. Its currently happening. No service on my phone, they got into authenticator app and are requesting password changes to several sites including @coinbase. #crypto Not even sure what to do.

– JimboChewdip (@jimbochewdip) December 22, 2020

Once the attacker gains access to the victim’s phone, he can change passwords and gain access to any means of two-factor authentication (2FA). This can lead to a criminal stealing the entire contents of the hardware wallet..

Ledger Clients Report Threats

In some cases, the results of the attack were even worse. According to Reddit reports, one victim received a call from an attacker who knew he had a Ledger device and threatened him with physical harm..

“He demanded 10 XMR and said that if I didn’t transfer them before midnight, he would come to my house, kidnap me and ‘stab’ all my relatives who live with me.”.

Ledger users received threats as a gift for Christmas

Bravo @Ledger

– CR1337 (@ cryptonator1337) December 22, 2020

Other users received physical threats from attackers in case they did not receive the ransom.

Casa HODL founder Jameson Lopp, who was himself a victim of the attack, stated:

“A lot of people are rightly unhappy with the Ledger data breach. But these people should be angry with themselves first of all for having provided Ledger’s personal data. “.

The company’s attempts not to attach much importance to the incident did not go unnoticed as cryptocurrency social media flooded with memes like this.

Protect your private keys with hardware.

– Jameson Lopp (@lopp) December 21, 2020

All the company has done is a minor warning and advice to contact local authorities.

There has been a new wave of phishing attacks taking place since yesterday, threatening our users physically.

Never pay ransom in any way!

If you fear for your physical safety and believe you are in danger, make sure you contact your local authorities right away.

– Ledger (@Ledger) December 22, 2020

You can check if e-mail addresses have been stolen at HaveIBeenPwned.

Shifting the blame

Ledger users received threats as a gift for Christmas

Ledger CEO Pascal Gaultier, who appeared on the latest What Bitcoin Did podcast, continues to deny the allegations. Gaultier stated that the hacking does not affect the hardware, but only the personal data of people. He also added that compensation will not be paid, as “it will just kill the company.”.

It is unlikely that this will console people who are threatened with murder or who have already had their cryptocurrency stolen..

Clients are already calling for a class action lawsuit against the company. Worldwide reports of the negative impact of massive data breaches.


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