More than 30% of Bitcoin holders spend it on buying food


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More than 30% of Bitcoin holders spend it on buying food

More than 30% of Bitcoin holders spend it on buying food

  • Cryptocurrency holders spend bitcoins on food and clothing

  • BTC owners believe that crypto coins can only be spent on the darknet

  • The population does not know and 10% of existing cryptocurrencies

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Despite the fact that bitcoin is considered one of the most effective investment tools, capable of generating profits faster than other existing assets, cryptocurrency holders prefer to spend it on buying food and clothing..

More than 30% of Bitcoin holders spend it on buying food

The employees of the analytical company Visual Objects came to such conclusions after conducting their own research. According to a survey of 983 people, it turned out that cryptocurrency holders prefer to spend bitcoins to pay for food and clothing. For example, 38% of respondents admitted that they paid for the delivery of pizza and other food using MTC. Another 34% of those surveyed said that they paid with cryptocurrency for buying clothes in an online store. Over 20% of bitcoin holders bought gold, weapons (15%) and drugs (11%) for cryptocurrency.

Apparently, over the past ten years, the tastes of cryptocurrency holders have not changed in any way. Recall that the first BTC transaction was aimed at paying for pizza and amounted to 10 thousand BTC, which currently exceeds $ 67.5 million.

Also, the results of the survey indicate that cryptocurrency holders do not know where they can spend their bitcoins. The respondents believe that the BTC serves exclusively for purchases of prohibited items on the darknet (30%) or the purchase of shares (40%).

People know only 7 out of 3000 cryptocurrencies

More than 30% of Bitcoin holders spend it on buying food


At the moment, the world knows about 2957 cryptocurrencies, but only 10 of them have real value and are able to bring profit to their holders. Dozens of new crypto coins are created every day, which leave the market in a few weeks or months. However, the results of the survey showed that the crypto community knows only about 7-10 cryptocurrencies. Among the most popular were Bitcoin (70%), ETH (27%), Litecoin (20%), Dogecoin (15%).

By the way, earlier BeInCrypto reported that, according to Maria Stankevich, director of business development at the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange, the Dogecoin altcoin is bought by investors for the hype. Further, the cryptocurrency wallet does not move and is kept in the investment portfolio rather as a collectible rather than an investment tool.

Decentralization does not mean anarchy!


Most of the respondents described cryptocurrencies as decentralized. However, each of the respondents puts their own meaning into the concept of “decentralization”. According to the majority, decentralization allows Bitcoin to be used on the black market to buy prohibited items and substances. Also, cryptocurrencies can be used to bypass legal prohibitions, and central banks are unable to control the value of military-technical cooperation in the market..

In fact, this is not entirely true. The price of cryptocurrencies is set by the holders of cryptocoins, who regulate it through supply and demand. In addition, most of the popular cryptocurrencies are not decentralized at all, but are of corporate origin, so the developers themselves can influence the value of the coin..

The conducted research has identified gaps in knowledge about cryptocurrencies on the part of holders, and also helped to understand how and where crypto enthusiasts channel their digital savings..

More than 30% of Bitcoin holders spend it on buying food



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