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2018 National Taiwan University (Full Version)

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National Taiwan University to implement blockchain technology

  • Taiwan will be engaged in mass adoption of blockchain technologies

  • Blockchain solutions will be implemented in 7 key areas of economic activity

  • Russia reduces the number of blockchain projects

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In the next few years, blockchain technologies will be implemented in seven areas of business, including agriculture, medicine, energy and logistics..

National Taiwan University ...

Blockchain is top priority

Maxonrow, a company specializing in the development and implementation of blockchain technologies, and Taiwan’s leading university, National Jiao Tong University, signed an agreement on joint work, which provides for the introduction of new solutions in the main areas of business..

Taiwan is currently at a critical juncture for the financial regulation of STO virtual securities. Moreover, domestic demand for blockchain technology for commercial applications is growing and expanding gradually. Jiao Dong National University is renowned for its achievements in the field of engineering, and it is composed of leading scientists. The university has an atmosphere conducive to scientific research, it holds a leading position in the world in the field of electronics, information communications, optoelectronics and many other fields..

Cooperation with Maxonrow will cover 7 main areas of activity, where blockchain technologies will be introduced. Among them:

National Taiwan University ...
  • medical biotechnology industry;
  • agricultural and fish production, as well as sales management;
  • FinTech applications;
  • smart logistics and cold chains;
  • “Smart industry 4.0”;
  • renewable energy management;
  • software for certification of corporate information security systems.

It is worth noting that Maxonrow has already worked with government agencies and helped them solve technical problems and challenges. In particular, the company has interacted with structures such as Chunghwa Telecom, the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, the Taiwan Blockchain Alliance, the Xinzhou City Government and the Industrial Technology Research Institute..

The blockchain market will grow

Not only the authorities of Taiwan, but also other countries are interested in the implementation of blockchain solutions. According to Million Insights analysts, the blockchain technology market will exceed $ 57 million by 2025 and will grow by an average of 69.4% annually. The leaders in the implementation of blockchain technologies will be the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, and the most widespread blockchain will be in the field of finance, including solutions for currency exchange, electronic payments, borrowing and lending, and others..

“The market is expected to evolve at a rapid pace due to various benefits such as minimizing errors, eliminating the need for reconciliation and ensuring confidentiality. The blockchain actually creates a universal database accessible to all participants in the process, thereby increasing the efficiency of the system, ”the report says..

Note that the opposite trend is observed in Russia. The number of implemented blockchain projects is decreasing every year. And if in 2017, in the wake of the global hype, blockchain solutions were actively implemented at Russian enterprises, then already in 2020 there is a significant decrease in proposals in this area. According to MINDSMITH estimates, the number of cases of practical implementation of blockchain in the financial sector in the world is decreasing: 99 cases in 2019 against 180 in 2017. At the same time, the number of investment rounds held, on the contrary, increased from 21 to 27.

Experts explain this dynamics simply: companies stopped hyping, and began to thoughtfully approach the implementation of blockchain solutions..

In general, Russia shows a negative trend in the implementation of blockchain technologies, despite the fact that the whole world seeks to popularize this direction.


National Taiwan University ...

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