Old men need gold, young …


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Old men need gold, young ...

Older people need gold, young people prefer Bitcoin – JPMorgan

  • Interest in investing in various assets depends a lot on the age of the investor.

  • Young people prefer to invest in bitcoin, while the older generation trusts gold.

  • Gold crossed an important psychological milestone of $ 2,000, and bitcoin updated its annual high, settling above $ 11,000.

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JPMorgan Chase Bank Analysts & Co believe that the behavior of retail investors during a pandemic varies significantly by age group.

Old men need gold, young ...

Tastes could not be discussed

According to a study by experts, investors in general are interested in alternative assets, but the results differ in different age groups. Thus, representatives of the older generation are more inclined to seek salvation in gold, while young investors are more likely to opt for bitcoin. These results were shared by a group of analysts at JPMorgan Chase, which recently conducted an analysis of investment flows..

The study also found that millennials are actively buying stocks, especially tech stocks. Meanwhile, older investors are selling stocks and still prefer to invest their surplus liquidity in bonds. The data showed that this group of investors continued to show interest in bonds in June and July..

Of course, this is just one of many such studies. Earlier, the BeInCrypto editorial staff said that, according to another survey, millennials prefer to invest in bitcoin during a pandemic. Moreover, the growing interest in cryptocurrencies is shown not only by young people, but also by the generation of “boomers”.

We also wrote that, despite the conservatism of the older generation, its representatives are more active than young investors in trying to take measures regarding the order of inheritance of digital assets after their death..

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“Everything is so tasty …”

JPMorgan analysts add that the general interest in investment is understandable given the rally in many markets. Thus, global stocks rose 46% from March lows. Gold broke yesterday an important psychological barrier of $ 2000, and today it continues to renew its all-time highs, trading at the time of writing in the $ 2040 region.

Old men need gold, young ...

The main driver of the growth of the yellow precious metal continues to be the concern of investors about the gloomy prospects for the global economy in the context of the pandemic. These worries are superimposed on rising inflationary expectations due to the ongoing aggressive liquidity pumping and unprecedented economic bailout programs currently underway around the world. Government bond yields and interest rates tend to zero and below.

Safe gold traditionally rallies during times of economic chaos. However, it now has a digital alternative – Bitcoin. While many still tend to view it as a speculative rather than a defensive asset, the digital gold theory also has many supporters. These include Bloomberg experts, who regularly point to parallels in the price dynamics of bitcoin and gold..

Bitcoin (BTC) is also showing strength now. It broke the $ 11,000 mark last week and settled above it, refreshing this year’s highs. Over the past five months, both gold and bitcoin ETFs have seen strong capital inflows, according to the aforementioned Bloomberg study. Meanwhile, the US dollar only continued to lose ground – over the same period, the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index sank 1.7%.


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