Project SUSHI has a new master chef


DeFi project SUSHI gets new ‘master chef’ in an unprecedented move

Project SUSHI has a new master chef

Project SUSHI has a new master chef

  • SushiSwap creator hands over control of the project to the head of FTX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.

  • SUSHI token rate reacted to this news with recovery.

  • The figure of “Chef Nomi” continues to be in the spotlight of the crypto community

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After yesterday’s collapse, the SUSHI token rate doubled again in response to the news that power over the project has passed into the hands of the CEO of the FTX crypto exchange.

Project SUSHI has a new master chef

The anonymous creator of the SushiSwap DeFi protocol handed over control of the project to the head of the FTX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried..

Chef Nomi and his kitchen

“Master Chef Nomi” (Chef Nomi) managed to become an extremely controversial figure in the crypto community in a matter of days. The man hiding behind this alias launched a new project SushiSwap at the end of August. This Ambitious Fork In the cryptocurrency world, a fork is essentially a change in the blockchain protocol. Since cryptocurrencies operate in decentralized networks, all parties … More of the Uniswap protocol immediately gained high popularity in the segment of profitable farming and liquidity mining.

However, on September 5, the crypto community was outraged to learn that Nomi had withdrawn about $ 13 million from the SUSHI liquidity pool, selling about half of the funds from the developer fund. This collapsed the SUSHI token rate by 50% and triggered a wave of exit scam accusations.

Read the detailed chronology of events here.

At the same time, Nomi himself told angry critics that there was no talk of any exit scam – and calmly went to bed, leaving market participants in complete confusion..

Project SUSHI has a new master chef

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Change of power

Today, September 6, the story continues. Apparently, assessing the growing outrage of the crypto community, Nomi announced that he was transferring all control over the project to Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder and CEO of the FTX crypto exchange..

It is noteworthy that just a couple of hours earlier, Bankman-Fried managed to post on Twitter a number of angry comments about Nomi. Now he thanked Nomi for the rights and keys given to him, and noted that he did so “as was necessary.”.

Bankman-Freed also said that he intends to further transfer the management of the Sushi project into the hands of the community and its leaders..

In a farewell tweet, Nomi expressed his hope for the further success of the project without his participation. He added that he did not intend to harm him in any way and reiterated that he was not a fraud..

However, this did not convince many community members. So, André Cronier, the creator of one of the leading DeFi-protocols yEarn, was quick to clarify what Nomi meant by saying “without me”.

“Are you leaving the project? In this case, would you like to return the money to the developers’ fund? .. Wasn’t these funds intended for further development? “

Project SUSHI has a new master chef

However, even this relatively positive news helped $ SUSHI bounce from the $ 1.24 area to highs around $ 3, according to CoinMarketCap data. At the time of writing, as the use of cryptocurrencies increases, new types of tokens are emerging. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More traded at $ 2.77, up 1.27% intraday.


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