Songwriter Sergei Lazarev launches his own cryptocurrency



Songwriter Sergei Lazarev launches his own cryptocurrency

Songwriter Sergei Lazarev launches his own cryptocurrency

  • Alex Malinovsky launches his own blockchain platform

  • It is not yet clear how users will be able to earn real money.

  • Celebrities go to the blockchain and create their own projects

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Alex Malinovsky, known in the Russian show business as the songwriter of Sergey Lazarev, announced the launch of his own blockchain platform CrowWiz and the release of the Crowd cryptocurrency.

Songwriter Sergei Lazarev launches his own cryptocurrency

Showman and songwriter Alexey Malinovsky presented his own blockchain platform CrowWiz, which should generate high profits for all Crowd token holders. What exactly the coins are secured with is still not clear. The official website of the platform states that a special Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) algorithm is used to generate profit, which, according to the developers, is the fastest and most secure.

“This is an immortal system. This is our unique project, which today has no analogues in the world, because the functionality that we offer our users and partners today has not been done by anyone in the world today! ”, – said Malinovsky in an interview with Vesti.

As conceived by the founder of the token As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens appear. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More Crowd will become a payment method on the CrowWiz platform and can be used to pay for the services of projects that are already submitted. This is GameZone, which provides access to the games “Matrix Revolution”, “Big Jackpot” and “Heads and Tails”; market place CrowdMarket, which is currently empty, as well as direct trading of Crowd tokens (CWD).

Also, within the framework of the project, a closed club Infinity will be created, which can only include stars of show business, pop and cinema..

However, experts did not appreciate the new brainchild of Malinovsky and are openly negative against him..

“Nothing is known about its real creators and organizers. There is no personal data on the website of this platform. The CrowdWiz company, which is engaged in this platform, does not have a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to carry out financial activities and to attract depositors’ funds. That is, if something happens, you will have nothing to complain about, except for your own stupidity, ”says Doctor of Economics, head of the laboratory for comparative research of socio-economic systems at the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University. Lomonosov Andrey Kolganov.

Also, some have replaced that the logo of the project is a stylized pyramid, which has long been a sign of the Masonic order. Note that the infamous Prizm cryptocurrency, which also used a pyramid as a logo, turned out to be a scam. However, this does not mean anything yet. It is likely that the project may turn out to be very successful, since it is already being advertised by Alena Vodonaeva, Masha Weber and Alex Malinovsky himself, who is familiar with all domestic show business.

Show business goes to blockchain

Songwriter Sergei Lazarev launches his own cryptocurrency

By the way, not only Alex Malinovsky decided to conquer the blockchain. Olga Buzova, Basta and other stars tried to launch their own IT projects and issue registered currencies. However, so far not a single project has become successful and profitable..

At the first stage, the participation of a famous person in the advertising of the project exerts its influence, and the media begin to actively discuss tokens and platforms. But, as practice shows, things don’t go further than a beautiful advertising campaign. Needless to say, Olga Buzova’s idea with buzcoin and Natalia Vodianova’s idea with LoveCoin failed.

Here you can read about other projects of famous people.



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