Symantec Saved 30 American …


Symantec Endpoint Protection vs Malware Test | Antivirus Review | Pros & Cons | 2020

Symantec Saved 30 American ...

Symantec rescues 30 American companies from bitcoin ransomware

  • Ransomware tried to rob more than 30 companies

  • The new ransomware virus is able to encrypt information even on servers

  • Scammers tried to get several million dollars for returning files

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Symantec, a cybersecurity app development company, has blocked an attack by a criminal group that extorted bitcoins from 30 American companies, some of which are included in the Fortune 500 rating.

Symantec Saved 30 American ...

Ransomware tried to encrypt computers


Symantec, a subsidiary of Broadcom, detected and alerted its customers to a series of impending attacks on American companies. The cybercriminals tried to launch the WastedLocker (Ransom.WastedLocker) ransomware virus by hacking the networks of the victim companies. The ultimate goal of these attacks is to damage the victim’s IT infrastructure by encrypting most computers and servers in order to demand a multi-million dollar ransom. At least 31 organizations were targeted by criminals, which means the total number of attacks could have been much higher. Attackers have already infiltrated the networks of targeted organizations and prepared the ground for ransomware attacks, but did not manage to activate the ransomware virus.

WastedLocker is a new ransomware virus that remotely enters the victim’s computer networks and blocks most of the data contained on this device. WastedLocker was created by the fraudulent cyber group Evil Corp. It was previously associated with the banking Trojan Dridex and BitPaymer Ransomware, which are believed to have earned their creators tens of millions of dollars..

Symantec Saved 30 American ...

“The attacks start with a malicious JavaScript-based platform known as SocGholish, tracked on over 150 compromised websites, disguised as a software update. After the attackers gain access to the victim’s network, they use the usual Cobalt Strike malware in tandem with several tools designed to distribute and steal credentials, move around the network to deploy the WastedLocker ransomware to multiple computers, ”says Symante Official Announcementc.

Symantec Targeted Attack Cloud Analytics software proactively identified attacks on customer networks using advanced machine learning to identify activity patterns associated with targeted attacks. This discovery allowed Sumantec experts to identify the organizations that WastedLocker targeted and identify additional tools, tactics and procedures used by attackers, as well as strengthen protection against each stage of the attack..

“To date, Symantec has uncovered attacks against 31 organizations. They were all located in the United States. The vast majority of the victims are large corporations. In addition to a number of large private companies, there were 11 companies on the list, eight of which are on the Fortune 500 list, ”Sуmantec said..

Even supercomputers are attacked by hackers


This is not the first time a corporate computer has been attacked this year. Earlier, BeInCrypto reported that supercomputers in several countries around the world were infected with a mining virus. The hacking of the system was announced almost simultaneously in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland and Spain. Now access to supercomputers is closed, and experts are figuring out how hackers managed to infect the system..

The hackers also tried to launch a virus on the blogging platform. It became known that the attack affected both the Ghost (Pro) sites and the billing services of Ghost.org. The company explained that there is no evidence that personal data of customers, passwords, as well as data of credit and bank cards, were obtained by attackers..


Symantec Saved 30 American ...

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