Tether has inflated fees on the network …



Tether has inflated fees on the network ...

Tether has inflated fees on the Ethereum network almost to the level of Bitcoin

  • Ethereum overtook Bitcoin in terms of total fees.

  • The increase in activity was due to the stablecoin Tether.

  • The innovation brought profit not only to users, but also to crypto-exchanges.

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At the peak of activity, the Ethereum network was even able to overtake the Bitcoin network in commission costs.

The blockchain network of the Ethereum ecosystem has short-term surpassed the Bitcoin network in transaction fees. According to the analytical resource Glassnode, the last time the total amount of fees in Ethereum exceeded Bitcoin in March this year..

Tether has inflated fees on the network ...

In early June, the amount of commissions on the Ethereum network reached $ 498,000, while Bitcoin – $ 308,000.

At the time of this writing, the average transaction fee on the Ethereum network, according to BitInfoCharts, is $ 0.57. For Bitcoin, the average commission is $ 1.

Second wind

Members of the cryptocurrency community have already expressed the assumption that the growth of fees on the Ethereum network is directly related to the growing popularity of the ERC20-based Tether (USDT) stablecoin..

Thus, according to information from another analytical resource – ETH25, stablecoins – in literal translation from English “stable” coins – continue to gain popularity in the digital asset market. With … More USDT came out on top in commissions in the list of major ERC20 products using the in-system currency Gas.

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Ethereum’s popularity has grown dozens of times after leading stablecoin issuer Tether added support for USDT based on ERC20.

Thus, absolutely any user with a wallet that supports the Ethereum ecosystem can now store USDT without restrictions..

To the sound of applause

After the overwhelming popularity of the innovation, Tether decided to add support for the OMG Network.

Thus, all transactions in USDT on the Bitfinex exchange will be carried out through the OMG Network, which reduces the size of commissions and the delay time..

Tether has inflated fees on the network ...

Cryptocurrency exchanges were not the last beneficiaries of such an expansion. So, in April, the Binance crypto exchange turned out to be the largest platform with over 1 billion USDT in its wallets..

According to TokenAnalyst, no other crypto exchange has even half of Binance’s current volume..

Meanwhile, the price of the ETH cryptocurrency is on the cusp of an important area of ​​resistance. After breaking the ceiling, cryptocurrency can skyrocket in value. Despite the possibility of a rebound from this level, technical indicators are giving bullish signals in favor of a successful breakout..

At the time of this writing, the ETH / USD rate is $ 241.74.

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