The authorities want to deprive the crypto world …


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The authorities want to deprive the crypto world ...

The authorities want to deprive the crypto world of anonymity – co-founder of Roskomsvoboda

  • Russia does not want to create an organic cryptocurrency market, says the co-founder of Roskomsvoboda

  • The amendments to the law “On digital financial assets” proposed by the Ministry of Finance only aggravate the regulation

  • Excessive restrictions can lead not only to a brain drain, but also the absence of foreign investors in the domestic market

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Russian authorities understand that cryptocurrency is calling into question the economic system and classical financial institutions

The law “On digital financial assets” (DFA) signed by the President of the Russian Federation is unlikely to help the domestic cryptocurrency community to somehow develop. Sarkis Darbinyan, the co-founder of Roskomsvoboda, expressed this opinion in the author’s column for Novaya Gazeta. According to Darbinian, local authorities are not interested in the natural development of the canonical cryptocurrency market with decentralization, but are interested in the “deanonymized crypto world”.

The authorities want to deprive the crypto world ...

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Recall that since August in Russia, due to the adopted amendments to the law “On the National Payment System” (161-FZ), the possibilities of replenishing digital wallets with cash have been limited. Users of “QIWI-Wallet”, VK Pay, WebMoney and other services can no longer replenish their wallets if they have not been identified in the system and have not linked a bank account to the wallet.

The co-founder of Roskomsvoboda believes that despite the absence of criminal structures in the approved version of the draft law on the CFA, some ministries are still pushing the idea of ​​squeezing the market in a regulatory vice.

“It seems to me that this [the criminal punishment proposed by the Ministry of Finance for not declaring cryptocurrencies] is strange, because there is a general criminal structure for non-payment of taxes on a large scale, and here it is really not so important what you have: movable property, cryptocurrency, securities.” , – wrote Darbinyan.

At the same time, Darbinyan emphasizes that there are still no effective mechanisms for tracking the availability of cryptocurrency in the wallets of Russians..

Earlier, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin said that the authorities would direct the regulation of the domestic cryptocurrency market “in a civilized channel,” and the owners of cryptocurrencies would be able to count on legal protection. According to the co-founder of Roskomsvoboda, a legal ban has no effect in relation to cryptocurrencies..

“Even in the case of a legal seizure of cryptocurrency assets, there is no way to take these assets, unless the person independently provides the access keys,” Darbinyan notes..

The existing realities of the Russian digital asset market are such that entrepreneurs who were going to or are already working with decentralized technologies will choose another country for business development, Darbinyan said..

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The authorities want to deprive the crypto world ...

According to the co-founder of the public project, the outflow of crypto-oriented specialists can lead not only to a deficit of brains, but also to the interest of foreign investors who do not want to enter the Russian market “due to the obviously high legal risks.”.

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