The first bitcoins of the Satoshi era came …


Who ACTUALLY Created Bitcoin

The first bitcoins of the Satoshi era came ...

The first bitcoins of the Satoshi era set in motion – possibly for sale

  • The first bitcoins of the Satoshi era were consolidated into two weighty wallets.

  • 2,050 BTC worth $ 31.5 million are currently concentrated on two addresses.

  • This could serve as a harbinger of their upcoming sale..

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The market has seen the consolidation of two bitcoin addresses that have not been in motion for 10 years. These $ 31.5 Million Coins May Be Sold Soon.

The first bitcoins of the Satoshi era came ...

The situation with the earliest bitcoins of the time of Satoshi Nakamoto always attracts increased attention of the crypto community. As a rule, when such coins come into motion, everyone is first of all interested in whether they are really part of the legacy of Satoshi himself, obtained using the Patoshi pattern..

Way out of hibernation

In a tweet dated November 9, Bitcoin analyst Roy (@murphsicles) drew the attention of his readers to the beginning of the consolidation of 1,000 BTC (~ $ 15.5 million) from addresses that stored rewards for blocks of ten years ago.

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According to blockchain.com, there was an aggregation of coins from 20 different addresses. Each of them transferred 50 BTC. Up to the first bitcoin halving in 2012, this is the amount miners received as a reward for a successfully mined block..

As you can see in the image below, whoever consolidated these coins for 1,000 BTC also split them into native bech32 SegWit addresses..

The first bitcoins of the Satoshi era came ...

Source: Blockchair.com

It is noteworthy that this is the second such case in less than a week. Earlier in November, there was a similar consolidation of the first mining rewards. Then 1,050 bitcoins of the Satoshi era in the amount of ~ $ 16 million were also aggregated from 21 addresses.

Looking forward to coming to the market 2050 BTC?

Such massive movements of large amounts of bitcoins always generate interest in the market. So, more recently, the crypto community enthusiastically discussed the movement of bitcoins worth over $ 1 billion on the night of the presidential election in the United States. Then it later turned out that this US Department of Justice confiscated 69,369 BTC from a wallet associated with the Silk Road darkmarket..

The reaction of crypto investors is not surprising, since any large injection of such amounts can provoke a jump in market volatility. Earlier, the editorial staff of BeInCrypto already told how the bitcoin rate fell by $ 200 in less than an hour in response to the news that bitcoins, mined back in 2009, suddenly came into motion..

In the current situation, when bitcoin staged an aggressive run to the north and settled above the $ 15,000 mark, the version that someone is preparing to sell the more expensive coins seems quite plausible..

Against the background of the current bull market, the sinking of 2,050 bitcoins is unlikely to be able to reverse investor optimism about the world’s first cryptocurrency. On the other hand, the sale of coins in the amount of $ 31.5 million, coupled with the increasing outflow of BTC from the miners, can still shake the position of Bitcoin. According to the analytical resource Glassnode, over the past 24 hours, the volume of BTC withdrawn by miners to exchanges has grown by 270%.

#Bitcoin $ BTC Miners to Exchange Flow (2d MA) increased significantly in the last 24 hours.

Current value is 25.101 BTC (up 271.6% from 6.754 BTC)

View metric: https: //t.co/8Bnl6PDcmI pic.twitter.com/vDpVJjwCAc

The first bitcoins of the Satoshi era came ...

– alerts glassnode (@glassnodealerts) November 9, 2020


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