The head of BitMEX told which DeFi tokens he invests in


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The head of BitMEX told which DeFi tokens he invests in

The head of BitMEX told which DeFi tokens he invests in

  • The head of BitMEX admitted that he gives the greatest preference to investments in precious metals

  • The end of the year will be a big moment for Bitcoin, Hayes believes

  • The collapse of traditional financial markets, according to the head of BitMEX, will affect absolutely everyone

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The head of the sensational cryptocurrency exchange shared his view on the burgeoning decentralized finance market, and also named the tokens in which he personally invests

The founder of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange Arthur Hayes published a post in which he spoke about his investment strategy, as well as voiced the main directions for investments in the decentralized finance market (DeFi) Decentralized finance (DeFi) is financial services built on the basis of blockchain technology that offer users access to open, efficient and … More).

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The head of BitMEX told which DeFi tokens he invests in

First of all, Hayes stressed that at any time he is ready to lose absolutely all his money that the market has invested in DeFi..

“In my head, I like to believe that I can read market sentiment and get to the top of a bull market. But in fact, like most other traders, I will buy at a higher price, wait, and sell after the peak, “Hayes said..

Risk drives progress

Hayes admitted that the only strategy by which he can figure out which products and services are worth looking at is to risk losing all of his investment capital..

However, the head of BitMEX noted that the size of his investment in DeFi is still too small..

Hayes mainly invests in the production of physical gold and silver, but he also invests a “tiny” portion of funds in YAM (YAM), (YFI) and Polkadot (DOT) tokens..

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Hayes also hinted that the fourth quarter of 2020 will be “outstanding” for Bitcoin, but declined to explain why he thinks so..

“Financial markets will turn sharply due to politicians who are perverted to stay at the trough,” – said the head of the exchange.

Due to the ongoing economic chaos, more and more people will be skeptical of centralized power and will begin to look for ways to protect theirs from the senseless destruction wrought by their rulers, Hayes concluded..

At the peak of a bloated bubble

A similar skeptical scenario is also followed by renowned bitcoin critic Peter Schiff..

The head of BitMEX told which DeFi tokens he invests in

After the recent announcement by the head of the US Federal Reserve to change the country’s long-term economic strategy, Schiff said that the regulator’s decision is that no one has the courage to fight the economic bubble that occurred due to the policies of the US authorities..

“The economic bubble inflated by the Fed is so big that piercing it to fight inflation would be a disaster. Thus, the Fed surrenders without a fight, ”wrote Schiff on his Twitter page..

It has long been accepted in the cryptocurrency community to associate the imminent collapse of the traditional financial system with the hyperbolic rise in the price of bitcoin..

The twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, for example, believe that if Bitcoin continues its evolution as a digital gold status, then the cryptocurrency can grow to a record $ 500,000.

However, the Winklevoss twins refused to name even the approximate timing of such a price climax..

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