Tim Draper is not going to support BCH


Was Tim Draper’s support of BCH the result of a hack

Tim Draper is not going to support BCH

Tim Draper is not going to support BCH

  • Tim Draper did not write words of support for BCH

  • Draper’s account may have been hacked by hackers

  • Bitcoin will become the currency of choice and the main investment vehicle for millennials

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One of the most ardent supporters of cryptocurrencies, Tim Draper, is not a fan of the BCH Bitcoin fork. He deleted a scandalous Twitter post after hackers hacked the page.

Tim Draper is not going to support BCH

Hacker hacked Drape’s Twitter page and posts about BCH

Tim Draper, a well-known American venture capitalist and serial cryptocurrency investor, has not promoted Bitcoin Cash. Most likely, the hacker hacked into Tim Draper’s personal page and wrote a message about supporting the Bitcoin Cash coin, in which he personally thanked Roger Vera.

In his message, Draper allegedly thanked Vera for pushing him to buy BCH.

After the tweet was deleted, OpenNode co-founder Joao Almeida confirmed on September 6 that Draper’s account had been hacked. Draper invested in OpenNode seed round in 2018.

Can confirm his account was compromised and he deleted the tweet as soon as he was aware.

Tim Draper is not going to support BCH

– João Almeida (@ joaodealmeida94) September 6, 2020

“I was in contact with his team. He deleted the tweet as soon as he found out about it, ”said João Almeida.

Draper’s alleged endorsement of BCH has been skeptical about many on Crypto Twitter, as he is well known as one of the biggest bulls in Bitcoin. The billionaire investor said he holds “most” of his portfolio in BTC after ditching public shares in 2019 in favor of the cryptocurrency space, and is confident that the coin will surpass $ 250,000 by early 2023.

Almeida stated that Draper did not publish anything like this, which suggests an account hack.

Draper stands for Bitcoin

Investor Tim Draper has repeatedly stated that Bitcoin is the most profitable investment vehicle.

Tim Draper compared the current state of the economy to an automobile. All the approaches that have been used in building a business until recently are an old car that needs to be disposed of. Cryptocurrencies and, in particular, bitcoin is a new car that needs to be mastered today..

Draper also delved into money-saving strategies. He explained that today it is no longer enough to simply accumulate savings at home or in a bank account. This approach will ultimately not generate income for millennials, as money has the potential to depreciate. Those young people who want to amass a fortune must learn to invest. And the best tool will be cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies. Millennials shouldn’t be held hostage to the system. For example, each time a credit card is used, the payer pays 20% to the bank. In fact, the salary of millennials will go to cover debts, not accumulate.

Tim Draper has repeatedly called cryptocurrencies the “currency of choice”. In an interview with CNBC, Draper said that despite the fact that bitcoin is now difficult to circulate on a large scale, eventually cryptocurrency will still dominate the economy..

Tim Draper is not going to support BCH

“You will have a choice: pay banks 2.5-4% commission each time you use a credit card, or use free, open, transparent, global and not tied to any political force [currency],” said Draper.



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