Two holders at once lost their bitcoins from wallets


This man threw away $6 million worth of Bitcoins – BBC NEWS

Two holders at once lost their bitcoins from wallets

Two holders at once lost their bitcoins from wallets

  • Fraudsters break into holders’ wallets

  • Crypto criminals may hide behind the mask of victims

  • Users are preparing a class action lawsuit against Coinbase

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On the social network Reddit, there was a discussion of the mysterious disappearance of bitcoins from users’ wallets. Two holders immediately wrote that they lost their coins under mysterious circumstances and still cannot understand how the BTC disappeared from their wallets and how to get them back.

Coinbase client lost 2 BTC


Two holders at once lost their bitcoins from wallets

A user named Saul reached out to the bitcoin community Reddit for help. Unknown people hacked his crypto wallet on Coinbase and withdrew $ 18,000 worth of bitcoins. After the holder noticed the loss, he immediately contacted the exchange support, but received only an automatic response with instructions to reset the password. The victim himself tried to explain that unknown persons stole his crypto coins, but instead, the exchange simply disabled his account and asked to change the data for accessing the wallet.

In addition, the exchange completely disclaimed responsibility for what happened, explaining this as follows.

“Please note that Coinbase cannot reverse digital currency transactions, and we cannot recover these lost funds. However, Coinbase is committed to full cooperation in all law enforcement investigations. While we are unable to return any funds, we may instruct you to file a report of these activities through the Internet Crime Complaints Center (IC3). They work with regulators and law enforcement agencies to investigate these types of crimes, ”said the letter Saul received..

After this statement, the hodler himself decided to sue the cryptocurrency exchange and asks all participants who have previously encountered similar problems on Coinbase to contact him to file a class action lawsuit..

“Coinbase is a theft network. I want to draw attention to this scam and would like to get as many people as possible for a class action lawsuit. Please like this post so that we can achieve justice for all those who were defrauded by Coinbase! ”Saul wrote.

Naturally, such a statement caused a mixed reaction among users. Some have said that hacking mail and wallets is a personal matter of the user himself. Others supported Saul and wrote that the exchange could be more attentive to security issues..

The mysterious disappearance of 10 BTC


A user under the nickname U / pleaselor posted a message that the 10 BTC that he owned were mysteriously withdrawn from the CryptoSteel wallet. According to the user himself, the funds were not transferred, which means that the option with fraud or hacking is no longer valid. Hodler believes that bitcoins were simply burned, which, in principle, could not have happened either..

At the same time, the user writes that he will not refuse help and donations and even left his BTC wallet, which caused a sea of ​​indignation and accusations of fraud..

Two holders at once lost their bitcoins from wallets

“Edit: I didn’t want to do this, but this is my savings … appreciate any donation that will help me start my life again. BTC address: [deleted] “, – written in the post.

Reddit users immediately reacted to the post with a storm of negative comments, accusing the author of a new type of scam.

For example, @rehaxxx wrote the following: “Good imagination, brother, great job, you should write a book called” How to deceive people by pretending to have lost your money “.

It is likely that scammers are really trying to lure money out of naive users in this way. In any case, at the moment, the U / pleaselor wallet address is blocked and any transfers are impossible..


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