Unemployed Russians will be offered to master the blockchain


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Unemployed Russians will be offered to master the blockchain

Unemployed Russians will be offered to master the blockchain

  • Unemployment in Russia continues to rise amid economic downturn

  • The government allocated 3 billion rubles for the retraining of specialists

  • Those interested can get a specialty of a developer of blockchain systems

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The Russian government will offer people unemployed during the pandemic to learn a new specialty

The pandemic has left millions of people unemployed across Russia. Since the introduction of quarantine, the country’s unemployment rate has grown three and a half times, according to the Ministry of Labor. The situation remains difficult even despite the lifting of most restrictive measures and the gradual recovery of the economy, while, according to the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Russia, Anton Kotyakov, the peak of the growth in the number of unemployed will be in August-September. Now the unemployment rate is 6.2% – this is about 4.6 million people, while about 3 million of them are officially registered at the labor exchange.

Unemployed Russians will be offered to master the blockchain

It’s easier to retrain than to find a job

The government decided that it would be easier to retrain people than to find them a new job, and allocated almost 3 billion rubles from the reserve fund for this. The project, launched jointly with the Russian branch of the international non-profit association WorldSkills Union, will operate until the end of December 2020 and, according to preliminary estimates, will attract about 110 thousand people.

People who lost their jobs during the quarantine period, as well as graduates of educational institutions and those who face dismissal, will be able to get a new specialty for free. They will be offered a choice of one of the professions based on the needs of the region in which they live. The range of specialties available is very wide: from carpenter and cook to space systems engineer and developer of solutions based on blockchain technologies. However, training in any of the programs will last an average of three weeks..

I’ll go to the blockchain, let them teach me

The WorldSkills website offers to learn how to develop solutions using blockchain technologies. Courses are available at the Moscow College of Modern Technologies. M.F. Panov and Tomsk College of Information Technologies.

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The description says that course participants will learn to “plan, design distributed decentralized applications, select, install and deploy a platform and environment for development, upload (deploy) smart contracts, check them, prepare reporting documentation, perform technical support, be able to find and troubleshoot smart contracts “.

Upon completion of the training, they will issue a qualification document and a competency passport, confirming the knowledge and skills acquired, and help in employment through the Work in Russia portal. You can also apply for training there..

Questionable benefits

Unemployed Russians will be offered to master the blockchain

Experts are skeptical about the possibility of mastering a new specialty from scratch and suggest considering the government’s initiative as an opportunity to get a basic excursion into the profession or acquire new skills within the framework of an existing education.

Blockchain is not a blockchain. In three weeks, you can get basic knowledge in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the application of such technologies. But basic knowledge does not imply high professionalism, which will allow you to get a job and get paid for it, – said the CEO of the agency Crypto-A Alena Narinyani in an interview with Izvestia..

The same opinion is shared by the commercial director of the TIQUM company Maxim Borisov. He is convinced that it is impossible to learn how to develop applications in three weeks..

There are also many questions with employment. Despite the fact that many large companies, including Russian Railways, Norilsk Nickel and Sberbank, are actively introducing blockchain, there are no vacancies in this area on the Work in Russia website, where course graduates will be asked to look for work..


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