Unknown Tether whale is shorting …



Unknown Tether Kit is shorting ...

Unknown Tether whale is shorting Bitcoin like before the March collapse

  • An unknown large trader who foresaw the March dump starts shorting Bitcoin again.

  • A well-known trader from the Bitfinex exchange could be the whale.

  • Perhaps cryptocurrency is waiting for another sharp trend reversal.

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Last time, an unknown trader foresaw a fall in the cryptocurrency market and began to quickly sell bitcoin.

Unknown Tether whale is shorting ...

Unknown whale with a large amount of USDT stablecoins on its account started shorting Bitcoin again.

The first to report this was a Twitter user with the nickname Byzantine General.

“Whoever this whale Tether whale on Bitfinex is, it accurately predicted the black swan dump and went [with the price drop] to the bottom. He’s shorts again massively. Terrifying thing that I saw in a minute, “Byzantine General wrote.

Unknown Tether whale began dumping bitcoin en masse just before the March crash, according to a weekly chart released.

As soon as the price reached its minimum, the whale immediately began to accumulate assets at the collapsed bitcoin price.

Timely coincidence

We will remind, earlier, against the background of a pandemic of coronavirus infection and a possible oil war, the price of bitcoin per day fell by 30%.

Unknown Tether Kit is shorting ...

Some believed that none other than the famous whale of the Bitfinex exchange could be behind the shorting of Bitcoin – Joe007.

Back in February, he announced that the market was “bloated” to incredible proportions.. 

The trader is known for often provoking conflicts on Twitter. In January, for example, Joe007 claimed that Binance was openly faking its trading performance..

It is noteworthy that in early May, the head of BInance, Changpeng Zhao, announced that the exchange had a record trading volume of almost $ 16 billion..

Inflating the bubble

Earlier, the editorial staff of BeInCrypto reported that Tether Treasury is actively increasing the emission of USDT.

At the end of April, issuing company Tether printed an additional 60 million USDT stablecoins. The release of additional assets came just against the background of Bitcoin’s growth to $ 9200.

Whether another shorting from an unknown whale is a signal of an impending dump remains unknown.

The activity of the whale occurs just a week before the May halving, as a result of which the reward to miners for a Bitcoin block will decrease from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC.

Some believe that the lack of rapid price growth due to the reduction in rewards may result in another massive cryptocurrency dumping..

Unknown Tether Kit is shorting ...

At the time of this writing, the BTC / USD rate is fixed at $ 8 893.

What do you think? Is another shorting a signal of an impending dump in the price of bitcoin? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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