VeChain Postponed Summit …


VeChain Summit 2019

VeChain Postponed Summit ...

VeChain postpones summit due to coronavirus pandemic

  • VeСhain changes plans for the summit

  • Work on business digitalization will continue regardless of the coronavirus epidemic

  • The new VeChain platform will allow businesses to create a transparent supply chain

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The VeChain Foundation has posted an open letter in which it announced the postponement of the VeChain Summit for an indefinite period. The reason for the cancellation of the event was the coronavirus pandemic, which is rapidly spreading around the world. As stated in the document, the safety and preservation of the health of the participants is the main prerogative of the company, therefore the Board of the Fund, without any doubt, decided to postpone the summit.

VeChain Postponed Summit ...

Nevertheless, the organization will continue to work on the global digitalization of society. The [Medium] letter says, in part, that VeChain is building a future in which digitalization, efficiency, public safety and environmental solutions are central pillars of economic development. The organization also believes that blockchain, 5G, IoT, AI and other advanced technologies will become fundamental tools, and VeChain aims to create a public blockchain.

Also, the Fund’s management said that, despite the travel restrictions that were introduced by the government of many countries in order to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, VeChain will continue to cooperate with its main clients. None of the Foundation’s projects will be closed in the near future. Remote consultations with clients will continue until the situation with the spread of coronavirus improves.

During the quarantine period, the organization will focus on developing software to accelerate digital transformation. For example, the VeChain ToolChain program will be improved, which allows businesses to quickly integrate publicly available VeChainThor blockchains into existing business processes. This will make it possible to monitor supply chains, making the process transparent and understandable for both consumers and manufacturers..

Coronavirus vs blockchain


VeChain Postponed Summit ...

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic dealt a powerful blow not only to the stock, commodity and foreign exchange markets, but also to the blockchain and cryptocurrency market in general. One by one, thematic events dedicated to discussing the prospects for the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are canceled, DeFiDecentralized finance (DeFi) is financial services built on the basis of blockchain technology that offer users access to an open, efficient and … More and others. As the founder of the marketing agency Natalia Gavrilenko previously reported in an exclusive interview for BeInCrypto, holding thematic events supports the cost of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The cancellation of summits and conferences will actually weaken interest in the coin and could lead to a further pullback in value.

Earlier, BeInCrypto talked about how the cryptocurrency market is going through the coronavirus epidemic. And if some experts are inclined to believe that the crisis is a time of opportunities for buying cheap bitcoin or ether, then other experts are sure that one should not expect the market to revive in conditions of total quarantine and isolation..


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