Wells Fargo named Bitcoin the best …


Wells Fargo ADMITS Bitcoin is the BEST PERFORMING ASSET!

Wells Fargo named Bitcoin the best ...

Wells Fargo Names Bitcoin Best Investment Asset of 2020

  • Bitcoin became the most profitable asset in 2020

  • The top ten assets included stocks, bonds and the S index&P 500

  • Experts advise investing in IT and healthcare

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Cryptocurrency, and in particular bitcoin, was recognized as the best investment asset in 2020. Bitcoin price has grown by 170% in 12 months

Wells Fargo named Bitcoin the best ...

Wells Fargo Investment Institute experts named bitcoin the best investment asset of 2020. In terms of growth rates, it overtook such instruments as the S index&P 500, stocks and bonds, and gold. Since the beginning of the year, the price of bitcoin has increased by 170%, and in comparison with 2019, the cost of a crypto coin has increased by 90%, approaching the $ 20,000 mark.

The cryptocurrency market is still too small

At the same time, Wells Fargo experts note that many investors have heard about bitcoin and even know how it works, but they themselves do not invest in this asset, considering it too volatile..

“The entire cryptocurrency market is worth roughly $ 560 billion, which [is] about a quarter of the size of the largest technology company by market capitalization in the S Index.&P 500 “, – indicated in the report.

Wells Fargo named Bitcoin the best ...

Wells Fargo Investment Institute experts also insist that investing in bitcoin today is similar to the early years of the US gold rush in 1850. There is more speculation in the market than real investments, so investing in cryptocurrencies should be done with great caution, although the profit here can be several times higher, unlike other markets.

As an example, analysts cite the gold market, which was also actively growing at the beginning of this year. Nevertheless, in August, investor interest in investing in gold dropped sharply amid the growth of the cryptocurrency market, in particular the decentralized finance market tokens (DeFi) Decentralized finance (DeFi) is financial services built on the basis of blockchain technology that offer users access to open, effective and … More), which showed a yield of 1000% per week. 

“One day cryptocurrencies may be worth investing in. Over the past 12 years, their market capitalization has grown from literally zero to $ 560 billion, “Wells Fargo analysts say..

Index S&The P 500 is relevant, but invest directly in IT

Wells Fargo experts also analyzed the profitability of other assets in the market. The S index was included in the top ten investment assets along with stocks, bonds, gold, mutual funds and others.&P 500, which by the end of November entered the top 10 months with the highest profitability since the Second World War.

Nevertheless, experts fear that the excess cash, which was recorded in 2020, may cause a drop in the profitability of the S index.&P 500 and lead to changes in the strategic investment plans of many large companies. Therefore, experts advise to diversify your assets when forming investment portfolios.

As for private investors, here the most popular areas for investing money will remain direct investments in the IT and healthcare sectors..

“In the first three quarters of 2020, about 20% of private equity transactions in the US were associated with IT companies, which is the highest percentage in at least the last 15 years,” the report says..

Wells Fargo named Bitcoin the best ...

Most often, investors invested in medical equipment companies as well as pharmaceutical companies, which is directly related to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. Wells Fargo analysts say investment in these industries will remain among the most profitable in 2021.


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